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WhatsApp for PC with Windows XP Vista or 7

A long time ago we posted a tutorial on how to download WhatsApp for PC but it was not a success because we were lazy and did not accompany it with a video tutorial. Moreover, the details were missing to actually get it working. Thus, we have decided to do a better tutorial with step by step video tutorial on how to download Whatsapp for Windows as well as Mac working.

Whatsapp is a cross platform text messaging app for smartphones. It is an amazing app by WhatsApp Inc. and it is so famous that about 1 Billion messages are transferred over it every day (read more here). There are about 7 Billion people on this earth, which means almost 1 of 7 people on average sends a message using WhatsApp everyday. This is pretty neat for an app which does not even support calling yet. What is even neat is that we have found a brand new method to get Whatsapp for PC be it a Windows based laptop or even a Mac.

WhatsApp for PC step-by-step

In order to get WhatsApp on PC you need to follow a few steps. Please follow all of the steps in order – don’t jump to the download steps before you PC/Mac is ready for the download. This will make sure that you do not run into issues later on and have a smooth download process. You will also be able to follow this tutorial to download other apps such as WeChat for PC and games such as Temple run for PC and then use the same tips to get WhatsApp for PC in no time.

Watch this video tutorial to see the process end-to-end.

If you have already followed any of our tutorials such as Subway Surfers for PC  or Viber for PC then you can jump to the download step straight away. Otherwise follow along from the very beginning of this WhatsApp for PC tutorial without skipping any step:

  1. In case something goes wrong, we ask you to Install a backup software and try backing up your files. If it works fine then you are good.
  2. Download Android Emulator from their website.
  3. Install the Android emulator and run it (see video for how it should look like).
  4. Steps 5 to 7 are required for Mac laptops Only. If you have a PC simply search for WhatsApp in Bluestacks, install it, and go to step 9. Open the Twitter App in the android emulator as we need a way to open the browser inside the emulator.
  5. Click on one of the two hyperlinks and it will let you go to a browser.
  6. Visit this page at our website by typing in the URL https://appforpcs.com in your browser.
  7. Come to the page for WhatsApp for PC (this page) and download the file from this link
  8. Open this file and it will install WhatsApp for PC for you to play with. Set it up as you would on your Android smartphone and you will have what you need to be in touch with your friends.

Let us know if you have issues or if you need help with any of the steps above. Similar to WhatsApp for PC, our website App for PCs has tutorials for a list of numerous other apps. If you want to contribute to our existing list, please leave a comment below.

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  1. my life so empty without you

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  3. Hey man thanks,, i did every step and then i installed whatsapp on my pc but when i tried to put my number on then it said ,,sorry your version of the app is too old you have to download new version from google play,, so what do i have to do help bro

  4. hey buddy can you put in how to add free calls with magicjack for pc

  5. how to add photos or videos so that you can attach and send them ??

  6. takes a long time to download,but it is good that this is possible……………

  7. Very Nice, workes beautifully. You might have warned me us that it’ll kick you off whatsapp on your actual phone. Is there a way to have both working at the same time?
    I’m on iPhone

  8. Android Emulator is not working.Please help me.

  9. i donno how to get all my whatsapp contact from phone.. =(

  10. why can’t i run whatsapp .
    it always said that my version is too old .

  11. Hi, thx. But, can I used the same number that I alredy installed on my cell phone. how?

  12. Isn’t this the official link you’ve asked for?

  13. Isn’t this the official link you’ve asked for?

  14. I cnt download map galaxy on pc..plzzz help

  15. Not working…

    My Graphics card is olready up to date but den olso i get error daht yu shud update ur graphics card .. Wtf ?

    • Hi Ronak,

      It is also possible that your graphics card is old. Could you give me a detail of your machine to help em figure out how far bluestacks can scale in terms of graphics.

  16. deeps maheshwari


  17. It stated to download a PC backup software, i clikcked and it comes out to TOLUNA. Am i suppose to register this? It doesnt seem like a PC backup software. Please help. Thanks.

  18. hey buddy, iam unable to install bluestack android emulator on my window 7 because everytime i try to do so it says that this software cannot be run directly launching the MSI package i need to run from setup.exe,'(NULL)’, ‘(NULL)’ help me out man

  19. hey peiple.

  20. I would like to use WhatsApp. I have three questions:

    I followed the first step in the instructions and downloaded myPC backup. The second instruction (in your list) says “install the software” — I assume this means the backup software, so I installed that. Then your second instruction says “try making a test call.” I’m not sure what that means. I don’t see a feature in myPC backup that makes calls, so how do I make a test call?

    Also, your video tutorial stops at the point where we are supposed to enter a phone number on our pc. The narrator says something about not wanting to use his actual phone number, and the video ends. He implies there will be another video with the rest, but I don’t see another video. So if I get to that step, I’m not sure what to do. And Ruan comments above that if I use my actual cell phone number, I will get kicked off WhatsApp on my cell phone. Is that correct?

  21. its damn awsome….

  22. hii frdzz
    mere ko bus ye bta do ki what”s app pc me kese install kar te hai pls yar pls mere ko is no. ,e sms kar dena pls 9165745666

  23. hiiiiiii

  24. Why is it stalling on the installation stage at downloading runtime data for me.. any one else had the problem?

  25. i hate u whatsapp…u made my lyf hell..

  26. i love whatsapp

  27. Hi

    I tried many times to install bluestacks but it says your graphics card needs updation (Error 25000). Can anyone help me to download the android emulator.

  28. when I start to install bluestacks… it says “INSTALLATION REQIURES ATLEAST 2GB OF PHYSICAL MEMORY”
    and the installation quit.. what to do.?

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  31. how do i add person ???? plz help me

  32. es mi favorito

  33. This website is not for hello, hi etcc !! Understand

  34. Will it work for Linux(UBUNTU )????

    • Hey Minmoy,

      WhatsApp for PC is not available for Linux operating system yet as Bluestacks is not there for Linux. We will update this post if they make it available.

      – Muke

  35. nice bro thanks…. <3

  36. not downloadingg

  37. do i need to type the number from which i use whatsapp on cell or any number would do ? also where do i type the confirmation code ?

  38. it says” Error 25000, does not recognize my graphic card

  39. unable to install bluestacks what to do

  40. plz tell me how much time blueStacks take to download?

  41. but when i try to install an app , it is asking for mail id associated with the android device. i dont have an android device. what should i do! pls help

  42. hey guys help me out.dis is with regard to my installation of bluestacks software on my laptop…it is generating an error “the newer version of java has already been installed”.now if i press either OK or CANCEL .the installation gets cancelled up..what to do …??

  43. what to do after number filling comes

  44. Great guide. But how to add contacts to bluestacks?

  45. I don’t think the link to the PC backup software is the right one. I was directed to a career seeking app??

  46. I have installed WhatsApp using BlueStacks but When i click on Tell a Friend it says that Sorry, you may not have an email client on this phone. How can i use WhatsApp?

    • Hi Prasahant,

      What you need to do is reinstall WhatsApp and get your account activated again. Then make sure you have internet connection and you will have it working fine.

  47. Helllo guyz some1 plz help me, i hav done everything as in dis site,but itz showing network not available,even though my internet is connected to pc

    • Hi Darrel,

      That error is usually due to the internet connection not being recognized by either Whatsapp on PC or the emulator. What you would like to do is stop any firewall or antivirus software that you may have and restart bluestacks. It will most probably work. HTH.

      – Muke

  48. shashank chauhan

    how do u back up messages and other data on bluestacks?? and hw can I access it from my pc??

    • Hi Shashank,

      In order to back up messages and contents you need to access a special folder on your PC. This is a good question and I am sure a lot of people have this issue. We will write a detailed blog post on it soon. Please subscribe to our blog.

      – Mukesh

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    It’s so beautiful .I like it thanks

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  56. i wanna download watsupp too bt i dont kno wat must i do

  57. In order to back up messages and contents you need to access a special folder on your PC. This is a good question and I am sure a lot of people have this issue. We will write a detailed blog post on it soon. Please subscribe to our blog.

  58. WhatsApp for PC is not available for Linux operating system yet as Bluestacks is not there for Linux. We will update this post if they make it available.

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