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Make Free Calls the way you want
Free Calls From Your PC using Viber

App for PCs is a website started to help people with their need to make free calls from their PCs using apps out there in the market. Usually creators of mobile apps do not put a version of the application out for personal computers. Therefore, we decided to put an unofficial blog that will talk about everything related to such apps for PCs. Since we got bigger and bigger, we saw that there were other similar apps that could have been brought to PCs and thus we moved from concentrating on a single app Viber for PC specifically to a generic domain name App for PCs. If you are an App developer for mobile phones and want us to cover a post on your App please feel free to send us a message and we will oblige.

On our website, you will be able to learn how it is possible to make calls using Viber for PC, how to play games such as temple run for pc, how to send free texts such as by using whatsapp on pc, and how can a person use mobile apps even when he does not have a smartphone to download apps such as Viber for Android, or Viber for iPhone.

It is pretty obvious that we are not creator of these apps and we do not have any association, approval, sponsorship or any other affiliation with these creators and the respective companies.


  1. i like it.

  2. I like to use viber pc ,this is good for calling.

  3. why i cant download viber for my pc

  4. i cant download viber pls help

  5. i cant download viber pls help

  6. why i cant downland viber my PC

  7. Can businesses use Viber for calling? Is there a max # of calls per day? If so what is that # (not international, in the 150 per user 10 user range)

  8. iwant to the viber member

  9. i cant download viber pls helpi cant download viber pls help

  10. i want to the viber member please

  11. There isn’t a version yet for Windows 8

  12. Way to go Admin, you’re a STAR!!!

  13. I can’t also download viber application for my pc . please tell me direct link if someone knows it . Thanks a lot .

  14. i cant download whatsapp pls help

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