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Want to play Cricket in real life? It’s easy with Cricknation app

Update: It seems the app is no longer working.

A new app called Cricknation has launched that allows you to play Cricket whenever and wherever you want.

If you have graduated College and are working now, it is difficult to find enough players who can play Cricket. However, with Cricknation, you can find such people and start playing Cricket in no time.

Cricknation allows you to find Cricket Matches being played around you. You can then join those matches and thus you get to meet new people as well as play Cricket with them. This is a Godsend for Cricket fans who want to connect with others in a new city.

It also allows you to Create matches. You can simply create a match for a date and time and when others around you search for matches they will see it and they can join it. You control who plays and who does not as it is your match.

You can enter scores when the match ends and the app will award points based on your performance. These points will rank you in your local area, your state, nation and even globally. Once you reach at a decent score, you will be shown to selectors and thus your chance of playing in professional tournaments gets high.

It is a free app and can be downloaded on Android here:

You can check out their website at


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