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How can Viber for PC be a threat to video conferencing softwares?

Viber for PC is an app that is extremely common among individuals for making phone calls free of charge between two users of viber. In addition, users of viber may send and receive text messages from each other. Both Android devices and iPhones can use Viber. Viber is available for users of Mac as well; however, not for users of windows. All you need to do is follow a simple tutorial and you will be aware of how to make use of viber on your PC. You know Viber for Blackberry has also been launched recently. So if you have a blackberry mobile, then also don’t worry as it has been launched. Similar to ooVoo, Viber team has decided to add video calling to Viber and that will present threat to other free conference calling softwares such as Skype or ooVoo or paltalk. ooVoo and paltalk by the way, are currently the best solution for group video conference calls. You can download it from the link below right now

Viber for PC can now be downloaded to send free text messages and make free calls and to individuals who are using viber on his iphone or android mobile or Viber for PC. You will now be able to make those phone calls by utilizing loudspeaker and microphone stand that are plugged into a personal computer.

In order to access Viber for PC, all that you require is to have a running android emulator on the PC. As soon as you have a running android emulator on the PC, then you will be able to make use of android emulators in order to get viber for PC.

The emulator enables you to call other users of viber. In the event that you do not have Java setup for the computer, you will need to install Java on the computer as the android emulator calls for java on the computer in order for it to work.

In case the party that you are calling does not have an internet connection that is active or he or she has their viber app turned off at the time when you make the call, then it will time out and as soon as the individual reconnects to the internet or as soon as the individual opens up his or her Viber application, the missed call notification or the text message that you have sent will be received. However, Viber will not divert automatically to the regular GSM service from your cell phone provider.

In case you attempt to make a viber call to an individual who does not yet use Viber, a warning message will be sent highlighting that fact that the call will be made as a normal paid call or you have the option of inviting the contact; therefore, you can opt to still place the paid call through the phone application of the device or not.

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