Viber for PC – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

First of all, let me thank all the readers for sharing their thoughts with me. I am glad that a lot of you were able to download Viber for PC using my method. However, I also see a few comments where a few of you couldn’t download Viber on your PCs even though you followed all of the steps to download Viber for PC.

Today, I will answer most of the common questions that have baffled you guys. First of all, I would like to tell you that I have downloaded Viber on my PC and it is working just fine without any issues. I am sure you will be able to get it too.

Question: I installed Viber for PC and the android emulator but Viber crashes as soon as it opens up.

Question: What all functionality are provided by Viber for PC?

Answer: Similar to Viber for other platforms, such as Viber for Android or Viber for iPhone, you can send free text messages and you can make free international calls to other Viber users.

Question: Where is the download link to get Viber for PC? 

Answer: As you must have read already, there is no download link. There are a few steps that you must follow to download Viber for PC. You should watch the video tutorial to download Viber for PC.

Question: I see there are two methods, using Android emulator and using Bluestacks. Which one should I choose?

Answer: Yes, we have posted two methods to download Viber for PC. The first method uses Android emulator (details here) and the other one uses Bluestacks (details here). The method to download Viber for PC using Bluestacks is easier and more stable method. If you do not have an affinity towards any method we would recommend you to try the method that involves Bluestacks.

Question: Is Viber available for all versions of Windows operating system?

Answer: Viber is available for almost all versions of Windows operating system but of course this is assuming you have Windows XP or better operating system.

Our methods to download Viber for PC have been successful on following operating systems by Microsoft:

  1. Windows XP
  2. Windows Vista
  3. Windows 7
  4. Windows 8 (consumer preview)

Question: Can I download Viber for Mac OS X. If yes, does it support 10.5, 10.6, or 10.7?

Answer: Viber for Mac is available and can be downloaded using the same method as that for Windows using android emulator. However, we found that Viber for Mac is little flaky too. We are going to launch a version of our tutorial on how to download Viber for Mac operating system too.

Question: I already have a version of My PC Backup installed. Do I need to install it again?
Answer: If you have the right version installed, then you are fine. However, some of our readers have told us that the version that they had downloaded earlier did not work with Viber for PC.


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  1. dravyk

    is the android emulator absolutely needed? Or is ooVoo enough?

    1. admin

      Dear Dravyk,

      I am afraid the emulator is absolutely needed.

  2. dravyk

    The Android emulator wants you to sign up for a ton of crap first. Is there a way around to the free software?

    1. admin

      We are working on finding a way around. Please understand that that is how they make money for their efforts by giving free software.

  3. Theo

    I read that the size for dowloading bluestacks is 3.6 MB but when download sarts it says the size is 105.7 MB; Is that size correct?

    1. admin

      Yes, that is correct.

  4. ayman


  5. minhtran736

    downloaded the blue stacks but there is no viber option there. Please let me know how to install viber on blue stacks. thank you

    1. admin

      Dear Minh,
      You will need to search for it. Please see the video tutorial and follow the steps.

  6. Singh Singh

    how two downoloded viber laptop

    1. admin

      Dear Singh,

      Follow one of our recent tutorials such as and you will have Viber on your laptop.

  7. Lauris

    You know what? The silliest thing is you can’t have Viber on BOTH your PC and phone… I wanted it so I can type faster whenever talking to someone on Viber with a PC available.

    1. admin

      Dear Lauris,

      This is crazy isn’t it? I wish the Viber team listens to your comment and comes and let us know that they let you have Viber installed on multiple devices. It is even funnier that they let you have Viber on a phone even though your Viber number is not the one in your phone.

  8. waqas ahmed

    i like it

  9. saman

    I am using viber on BlueStacks, but I can’t find where received images are saved. I can see them in messages, but I can’t find the viber images folder.

    Any suggestion?

    1. admin

      Dear Saman,

      Let me have a look at it and I will post an update soon.

      1. saman

        Thanks, I hope you can find a solution.

    2. fred

      if you double click on the camera->load from libarary it should show you all the images.

    3. fred

      if you double click on the camera->load from library it should show you all the images.

      1. saman

        Yes, but you can’t save it somewhere else.

  10. fred

    I hv downloaded viber for pc the image and txt are working fine . But whe you make internaltional calls after a few minutes it gets disconnected and i have to restart the bluestack t o make another call. I do see the call is still going but it has crashed.

    one more silly question on pc i can make phone call from viber but when i reieve a call how do i answer it? i did not download the android emulator i hear the ring and i see green button on viver blue stack and re button i click on and nothing happens!

    Do i really need androird emulator to reive calls on my viber pc?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Saman

      Just drag the green answer button to the right.

  11. agron

    kan isch nicht instaliren viber for pc

  12. peter

    I have downloaded Viber to my Android phone and it is working properly, and I am trying to also download and install Viber to my home Windows 7 PC. via BlueStacks.
    When it asks for my phone number , I enter my (Australian) home phone number , but then I don’t get a text message or a call on my home phone with the code to enter into the box . I have tried about 10 times but without success. Thank you for any ideas and help.

    1. Muke

      Hi Peter,

      Try giving your cell phone number, I think Viber is able to detect the home phone by the number and hence does not send the text or call.

      1. peter

        Thanks Muke ,, just did what you suggested and I now have Viber on my desktop PC.
        Cheers,,,,, Peter

  13. Anna

    Hello! How I can add pictures to gallery?

  14. jose

    works perfect, but I cannot answer calls with viber in my pc win7????
    What do I have to do???

  15. pips

    have succesfully installed viber on my mobile and my laptop.have sent sms from mobile but cannot figure out how to send sms from laptop

    1. Muke

      Hi Pips,

      It will work the same way it works on your Phone. Open the app, select a contact, and send a message. If you haven’t activated on your PC, you will need to do that first.

      – Mukesh

  16. Chris

    I downloaded and Installed Viber for my Windows XP PC about 2 months ago it worked great until yesterday (12th August 2013) now it won’t load up at all just get Error Message “Viber.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

    1. Mike

      Hi Chris,

      May we suggest uninstalling and reinstalling if you have not tried that yet?
      – Mike

  17. kwash

    Hi Guys,

    Jz wanna ask why the outgoing call i did on my android phone is not appearing on my viber pc? Should i change anything from the settings? Please advise.

    1. kwash

      What i mean is there is no log of outgoing call that is visible in my viber pc if i will use my android phone (viber pc and android phone are linked in one number). Only incoming calls are recorded. Thank you

  18. Jocelyn

    I managed to doanlowd viber and whatsApp thru Bull Stacks Android Applications. Registered it also. But it dooes not take any contact in my contacts. Whereas in Android tablet it immediately took up all the contacts from my Mobile phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards.

    1. Mike

      This is because you do not have any contacts on Bluestacks. Let me see how to get contacts on blue stacks.

  19. yazar

    how to autosave all photos in my window7 pc viber option. please

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