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Viber Launches PC and Mac versions

Finally, Viber team has answered the questions that were asked by its users since about two years now. Last week, the news made headlines among multiple tech news sources that Viber has launched Viber app for PC and Mac operating systems. If you have been a Viber fan who wanted to use it on your PC or Mac laptops and computers, you had to go through a bunch of hoops to get Viber working on your computer. For instance, our readers loved our tutorial on getting Viber for PC and there were more than 200,000 thousands made from that page. Even Viber team has been claiming to launch Viber for PC since a very long time but they never did until now.

Viber is the first App ported to Computer

We are glad that Viber has chosen to launch their app for laptops and PCs, which makes them the first app to do so. While we have talked about getting apps such as WhatsApp for PC, WeChat for PC and Ruzzle for PC there is no official app by any of the android apps that make messaging worldwide a cinch. Getting Viber to work on your laptop will need you to first activate it on your mobile phone device. This is the most stupid thing a company can do. Why would they mandate you to have it on your mobile before you could use it on your computer. Anyways, if you are still looking for Viber on your PC without getting it on your phone, you could do it via our Viber for PC tutorial. This tutorial is important as the same methods can be applied to get other Android games such as Temple Run for PC, Subway surfers for PC, and even Cut the rope for PC.

Requirements to get Viber

If you want to get Viber then you can download it from the links below. However, it requires you to first have Viber on your Phone. If you have it on your phone then you can simply enter your phone number. Now here is a catch. Viber requires that you must have updated Viber software on your phone. This way they will verify that you are indeed a Viber user. Once you approve that, you are good to continue using your account on your PC as well.

Download for Windows | Download for Mac

A lot of people have asked us if they can use Viber from both their phones and PCs, which was not possible earlier with the Android emulator. However, it should be possible now. Although I have not checked it yet so I can’t promise that it works, but my gut feeling says it will work. I will update this later after I have checked this. Come back and check this post for updates.


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