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Viber for PC On Windows 8 With Calling (Tutorial)

Our Viber for PC tutorials have been taken up nicely by you guys and as a result we have more than 100,000 views on our Youtube channel for only Viber for PC tutorial videos. A common issue that you have complained was that you are not able to get sound working in Viber for PC. There are some good workarounds for this problem including the ones suggested by fans of viber for pc. However, what we are going to introduce today is a method where Viber works on a windows 8 PC without any need for workarounds. You can straight away download Viber and use it to send free international text messages as well as to make free phone calls to other Viber users.

Viber for PC using windows 8 operating system

In order to do this tutorial we had to get our hands on a Windows 8 machine. Luckily, we have a friend who has recently upgraded to Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. We begged for his laptop and we tried various things. Getting Viber installed and working on a Windows 8 PC was the easiest of all. Within first 5 minutes, we had everything downloaded, installed, and working. Then we uninstalled Viber and created a video tutorial to show you guys how you can get Viber for your Windows 8 machine.

Here is the video tutorial, you can also watch it on Youtube. Please do not forget to like it if you think this video helped you in some ways.

Walk through of the steps to get Viber on Windows 8

Although, you can watch the video and follow the steps to get Viber on your Windows 8 machine, you might find it useful to have a text based list of instructions. Mostly, because we cannot add links to download various stuff on Youtube and also because some of our readers have slower speed to download Video. Anyways, here is a list of steps to get Viber on windows 8.

  1. Download Bluestacks Android emulator from this direct link.
  2. Install Bluestacks on your windows 8 PC.
  3. Search for Viber on your Bluestacks.
  4. Install Viber and set it up.
  5. Try making a phone call through Viber and most probably it will be working.
  6. Also, try sending a text message to a friend of yours and see if it is working.
  7. If everything is working, you can start using Viber on your PC now. Don’t forget to thank us though[Google].

If you, however, run into an issue just leave a comment and we will help you with whatever is troubling you.


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  1. Viber


    This is a member of the Viber team. This is a great tutorial; we appreciate your taking time to help Viber users. We will be introducing Viber for PC/Mac soon. We will update you guys on that. Keep the good work up.

    1. admin

      Dear Eyal,

      Thank you for those nice words. Much appreciated.

    2. Adel

      hi sir, can you ifrom me please if tehre is any version of viper for windows 8 on nokia lummia 920,, I already searched for it and i couldnt find it ,, please replay me on my mail. gerads

    3. marshall

      I want viber for my windows8 laptop

  2. JOHN

    it’s great…however,i couldn’t install ooVoo and it just got a gateway page…hope you could help me…thanks

  3. alem

    I followed the steps you mentioned on the video and installed everything but is neither syncing nor allowing me to call, i got the following message when ever i try to do either of them : “Viber Service is current unavailable or being blocked, try again latter” any solutions please?

    Thank you in Advance

    1. Muke

      Dear Alem,

      Do you have an antivirus of firewall that is blocking it? Try disabling it and let me know if that works.

  4. JOHN

    hi viber team…i’ve installed bluestacks already but when i install viber it just keep saying that there is no connectivity and the app could not be found!…any help please?…it will be appreciated much…thanks

  5. Virath


    After a few days of installing it my Viber is not working as usual no more..its disconnected and connected in every seconds.. not stable on Win 8. I uninstalled and reinstalled Bluestack and Viber back, ooVoo, Map Galaxy… But the problem is still the same. Do you know how to fix it? Thanks. Virath

    1. Muke

      Dear Virath,

      Have you tried the latest version of Viber? It is pretty stable. Try uninstalling Bluestacks and then reinstalling. Should help.

  6. fayssal farhat

    i want the viber aplication

  7. jasss

    hello adim i want to update my viber help me

  8. charan


  9. Md Mohsin Alam


  10. salamat

    sir i have toshiba i3,i have installed viber successfully but now i dont know how to make call,,i m tying to send msgs and calls but its not working,plz guide me.

  11. Ivan

    Hi, I followed the tutorial and got viber on my PC, but when I went to sync it removed my viber account from my phone (I tried using the same number). Should this happen or is it only possible to have the viber account on one device at a time? Also, what’s the best source to download it from, the one with the ‘1’ symbol or the android store?

  12. pratik

    i want viber.
    for my pc
    give me a suitable website

  13. Md Mohsin Alam

    Very Good

    1. sahar

      hi dear i am Iranian i studying interpretation in Iran i want u if you could help me to learn English easily…
      i waiting for your answer…

  14. kabir

    i cannot install bluestacks on my pc it telling me my graphics are not update, and it was currently up to date. please help me, thanks.

  15. Nampyaohsei


    My PC is Toshiba Satellite M200, Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 300 GB HD, Intel 956 Chipset.

    I cannot install bluestacks, errors pop up as follows, ” Error 25000. BlueStacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphics card. It is possible your graphics Drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try installing again.” ..
    I check the graphics driver. All are update. Is there any solution i can solve. Please help me.

  16. adeel khan

    i have a problem in my nokia e7 mobile and also in my pc
    i have install a viber in pc but not run. and in my nokia e 7 mobile viber is not downloading

  17. yolandah

    Hi viber team!
    I’d like to know which number do I use? I have a Samsung ativ which uses a sim and have my cellphone numb. Which should I use

  18. Dr Mujtaba

    Blue stack did not install on my system. it says your graphic card is not installed . error 25000
    Please help

  19. Dr Mujtaba

    Blue stacks did not install and gave message your graphic card is not installed. error25000. I am using windows 8 pro.. Build 9200.. Please help

  20. M.R.Aghamoradi

    This is a very usefull sofware

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