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Hey friends we know that you all are well aware about what Viber is. But still we are giving you the glace of Viber. Viber is an Android application that can be downloaded for free on Google play store and iTunes. This application helps you to send free unlimited messages, make unlimited call to your family, friends and loved ones. With the help of this app you can also share your emotions and various graphical pictures to other Viber user all over the world. Initially it was only available for Android and Smartphone, but now this Viber app is official available for PC too. Today we are here to explain you that how you can download Viber APK for Android phone.


Features of Viber APK For Android

We know that Viber is available officially for Android smartphones and tablets at Google play store for free. Still there are many people who don’t want to download Viber from Google play store. They want to download Viber APK for Android but they don’t want to have from Google play store. If you want to download Viber APK for Android then you’re at the right place as we are going to share direct download link for the Viber latest version.

There are various benefits that you can get while downloading Viber APK for Android. First benefit that you can enjoy is that, you can use it to install this app easily on any Android devices and the second feature is that you can share this app with your multiple devices or with your friends, family and relatives. First of all you can download Viber APK on your PC and after that just use that file to install the app on any of your Android device.

One of the unique and best feature that is still not available with any other messaging app is. At the time of making free call to your friends and close one with the help of your PC or with the help of any other smartphone, you can transfer the ongoing call without dropping to any other device.

Viber APK allows you to make free voice and video call just like Skype application that you use to make free video call. This Viber application doesn’t ask for any money from you to use this feature. You can make voice and video calls just free of cost just like text messages. Not only this you can send unlimited number of free messages to any of your family member and friend who is using Viber app on any of his/her device or PC.

The quality of voice and video calls provided by the Viber app is of high definition quality and this clearly makes a huge difference from any other instant messaging and calling app from Android and Smartphone. You are provided with push notifications on smartphones and tablets and active notifications on PC. This feature will helps you to never miss any notification or messages from any of their friends.

Download Viber APK For Android Phones

There are so many users who have uninstalled Skype application from their personal computer because today they are using Viber app. User interface is much simple and easier than Skype and other app. We have installed Viber on our Windows PC too.

Downloading process of Viber APK for Android is very simple and easy. For downloading you just need to click on the below mention link provided by us. You have to take care that when you download Viber APK for Android, your internet is working good with high speed. Your light should also work continuously while downloading, because if it cuts in between, you have to start the process from start.

Download Link for Viber APK 

So friends we hope that we have helped you in getting Viber APK for Android from our App for PC site. Give us your valuable comments and feedback for the same. Share this post with your friends and relatives, also share your personal experience while downloading Viber APK for Android for free. Have a good day and have fun. Enjoy :) :)


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