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Twitter Auto Favorite Tool Tweet Full

Today we are going to talk about our new favorite tool for Twitter Auto Favorite and Auto ReTweet. The tool to auto favorite is called Tweet Full and it is also capable of auto RT.

Tweet Full is very easy to understand. You set up your keywords that you want (or don’t want) and hashtags that are important to you. People who Tweet with those hashtags will be selected by Tweet Full and it will Favorite or RT their tweets. This will prompt them to visit your Twitter profile and engage with you.

This is such a simple method to get new users that it is part of our revival strategy. After being inactive for so long we are now back and this time we are using Social media, especially Twitter, in a big way.

We used to get 10-20 users a day from Twitter before we started using Tweet Full, but with the help of Tweet Full we have been able to get 100-150 users a day. We also see people engaging with us on Twitter and engaging with us when they have issues with their BlueStacks.

Tweet Full is way more stronger than just simple searching on Twitter. You can also add criteria such as only engage with people with certain keywords in their profile. You can also restrict it to favorite Tweets that have positive sentiment. There are a lot of other features as well including location and Klout score.

If you run a business, I highly recommend you using Tweet Full – the Twitter auto favorite and ReTweeting tool. It starts at $1 and a month only costs $10. I have gotten about 8000 users from it and I only paid $60 in last two months. This is worth every penny.


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