Top 10 Social Networking Sites and Apps for PC

In today’s trend people are so busy in their busy schedules that they get frustrated with routine work and schedules. Social networking sites are one of the best option to get relax and fun. People usually get connected with each other and share things with friends and relatives. They usually use these sites or apps when they are free and when they want to relax. There are various social networking site which are available on Windows operating system. There are several networking application available for people, and its very difficult to to select the top apps among them. So, we are here to help you out with this problem, today we have came with top social networking app.

Social Networking Apps

Here are the top 10 social networking apps that can be used to have fun and interaction with friends and families. List of top 10 Social Networking Applications are mentioned below.

1. Facebook

Facebook was launched in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, and his college roommates. This site helps you to share photos, mood, you can chat, send messages and upload videos and audio. You can also share your personal details like school info, college info, martial status etc. Facebook has witnessed a tremendous growth of popularity and currently it has almost 1 billion actives users using Facebook regularly.

2. WeChat

Second social networking app is WeChat. This application was developed by China based Tencent. This app allows you to do chat with friends and family. You can also do phone voice and text messaging, this app is available is various languages, this App has been used by everyone to communicate. WeChat app is basically a mobile application, but you can also download it for your Windows just by clicking this Link.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site, where you can connect to the various professionals matching to your profile. This LinkedIn app was firstly launched in 2003. In this app you can provide the job information to the people similar to your profile. You can add your technical, theoretical and practical skills.  You can also endorse other people by their skills and expertise. You can download this LinkedIn app from this Link.

4. Twitter

Twitter next social networking app, launched in July of 2006 by Jack Dorsey. In twitter people usually post and read text messages which is of 140 characters, that means people can only post text of 140 characters. In Twitter users can be a follower or they can be followed. Twitter has gained a tremendous popularity and it has almost 500 million users at present. That’s why twitter is one of the top 10 social networking application. Just Download it for free or use the web based version.

5. 4th And Mayor

4th and Mayor is simple and beautiful customized client for foursquare. It takes into account your accent and theme color preferences and helps you find new ways to explore your city by checking into places that you enjoy. Also allows you to flow smoothly throughout the application. Its light user interface and responsive is well suited for the Windows platform. You can get this 4th and Mayor app by just clicking here.

6. MyTextTwister

MyTextTwister is one of the popular social networking site. This app basically helps you to make your mail and message more funny and interesting. With this app you can create amazing text effects and decorate it with cool ASCII arts. You are also benefited with the freedom of copying or sharing from the application to other social networking and email sites. You can enjoy making your sms more funny and interesting by Downloading this app free of cost from this provided Link

7. DCHub

DCHub basically act as a software that helps you share file that are formed by hubs to which clients can establish a connection. With the help of DCHub you can view the files and browse the files that are been posted by the other users, who are connected with you on the same hub. This application is very useful for the business and companies. You can download it from Here.

8. QQ

A free messaging application in china that deals with instant messaging to friends and relatives. QQ currently consists of 711.7 million active user. There are various features of QQ other than chatting like, including virtual pets, games, blogs, ringtone downloads etc. It also supports video chat, massive chat groups and voice messages. QQ is brought to you by Tencent, the world’s third largest Internet company. You can get this app by linking on this Link and by downloading it.

9. WMN Near Me

You can meet thousands of new people nearby or around the world with the help of one of the most useful social networking app WMN Near Me app. This application is basically designed for the people who want to share something to others. This means any kind of information you want to make public that may be beneficial to all, you can use WMN Near Me application, you can have this application by getting it Download.

10. MiTalk

Last but not the least social networking app is MiTalk. This app is one of the fastest and most popular social applications app. You can Download it free and it supports various platforms. MiTalk is available is various languages to download. With the help of MiTalk you can message photos, voice, emoticons (similar to WhatsApp and Viber) to MiTalk friends and groups in one step, and you can know if your friends have actually read your messages or not.

Let us know how do you like our post for top 10 social networking site. Give your valuable comments and feedback for the same. You can also give us the information about other social app.


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