Top 10 Disc Burning App For Windows

Today everyone uses smartphone to sync their files these days, but CDs and DVDs are still a very useful way to store, share and present your data. That is why some of the top commercial burning companies know this and they charge such eye-watering prices. There are some of the best disc burning app that are available by both paid and free and have the power to burn data discs, audio CDs, videos and many more. Most of users still think Nero and Roxio are the only people that make burning software, that’s not true still there are software company that are available. We are listing top 10 disc burning app that can be used to burn CDs and DVDs.

1. Express Burn

One of the best disc burning app for windows. With the help of Express burn you can burn videos, data DVDs and data Blu Ray discs. Express burn can convert many formats automatically and features include like data DVDs (perfect for backup), Video DVDs (for your computer or DVD players). Application is free to try for 14-day and $49.95 is to be paid to buy, you can download it from here. From the starting till date Express Burn is downloads for almost 1,848,758.

2. Xilisoft AVI

Second disc burning app that can be used to burn CDs and DVDs is Xilisofy AVI. This app gives you a easy user interface in which you have to follow 3 simple step like, add files, select a destination from a drop-down menu, and start burning your CDs. Burn speed depends on your drive, but the final product played normally. This app is free to try (Watermark on output) and you have to pay $29.95 to buy, just get it install from here. Xilisoft is downloaded almost 561,500 times.

3. Aiseesoft DVD Disc Burning App

Aiseesoft is one of the best disc burning app that helps you to select the DVD from menu templates, insert background music/pictures from local files, adjust video effect, crop the video screen size, trim the video length, add the text/picture watermark, add audio tracks and subtitles to the target DVD. Aiseesoft features are, all kind of video can be burned into DVD disc, DVD folder or DVD ISO files. You can download it from here for free for 10-day, pay $35.00 to buy.

4. DVD Author Plus

DVD Author plus can helps you to create your own home movie that can be played on TV. You only need to do is just drag-and-drop your videos on the storyboard panel and burn the disc. Ones the burning disc process is finished just insert disc into a player, and you will see that the video starts instantly and you don’t need to click through a DVD menu. DVD Author is free to try and if you want to buy you have to pay $29.95. Around 56,601 times it has been downloaded by the users.

5. Disc Burning App – Fliperac

Fliperac is one of the easy to use burn app that allows you to burn, copy, write and erase your all DVDs and CDs. When you insert media into your drive, and to start the software you have to first press the detect media. After that you have to do the other steps to burn your DVDs / CDs data. In Fliperac you still have the option to format the DVDs / CDs. Just download it for free. It is reached to 222,947 with total downloads.

6. AVI To DVD Free

AVI to DVD is one of the best and FREE disc burning app that can be used for CDs and DVDs burning. With its written video resizing arithmetic and leading mpeg-2 video encoder, AVI to DVD gives you the best video viewing quality. You can download it for free from the mentioned link. If you want to include the sub title option into the movie, don’t worry just link them to the movie before converting, all formats of subtitle are supported.

7. Free DVD Video Burner

Free DVD Video Burner has the capability to write and burn DVD videos, files and  folders that can be played on all home DVD players. User interface is very simple to understand and self explaining. This app not only burn and write the disc but it is most loved by the users because it helps you to specify disc title, change burning speed it also allows you to set option like “Turn off computer if the process was finished successfully” and disc ejecting function. Download and install it now on your PC. It has made total downloads of 185,255.

8. Free Disc Burner

Free Disc burner has the power to writes any files, folders (data) to any disc and as well as writes multisession discs also. Information can also be erased from the disc with the help of free disc burner. It is free to download and it has made total downloads of 76,724 times.

9. DAEMON Tools Pro

DAEMON Tools is one of the best known app around all. DAEMON name has came by combining Disk And Execution MONitor. The app also converts disc into disc images, saving you the step of having to find a converter. Daemon Tools also features events logs, device and image property displays, encryption, and panel locking, so that you can fix in stone the user interfaces’ configuration. It is one of the best as it is downloaded by the user more times than other by 2,895,895. You can download it Free to try (20-day trial); $44.99 to buy.

10. WinISO

WinISO is the world’s first ISO image software for meeting almost all disc images needs. WinISO not only convert BIN to ISO and other image files format conversion, but also extract, edit, mount, create and burn ISO image files directly. You can download it by paying $29.95 and almost 398,800 times it has been downloaded by the users.

How do you like our post about Top 10 disc burning app for Windows. You can also download other applications for your Windows for free. Give us your valuable comments for the same. Have a good day and keep smiling always :)


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