Tips and Tricks For Real Racing 3 Game

Fond of racing four wheeler cars with your friends and co-workers. Here is a game named Real racing 3, where you can participate in race with your friends and loved ones. This is an Android game that can be downloaded for free from Google play store and iPhone iTunes app store. But you should know that you can download Real racing 3 game on your personal computer too officially. While racing you need to win the race and earn more and more Rs. To win the race and beat your friends and co-worker score you should know that, what all you can do to achieve this target. This is the only reason why we are here today. Today we will be discussing with you about the tips and tricks of Real racing game to win the race.

Tips and Tricks For Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a very popular game and there are lots of reasons due to which you should start playing this game on your personal gadget. We know that it would be very difficult for you to play because it is new for you. Don’t worry here we are sharing some quick tips and tricks for Real racing 3 game, so that you can quickly reach on the higher stages in the game. In this game you are suppose to win the race and event and collect as many R$ as you can. Graphics and game play is so attractive that you are going to definitely get addicted but ending the game on a high standing can be a little challenging for you.

  • First tip that we are going to share is that you should not buy new cars in bulk. When you will start playing the game and when you will earn some R$ (money of the game) at that time you will feel that you should buy new more cars in the game with that. But remember that instead of buying new cars you should upgrade the car you own first. Always keep upgrading you car with maximum and then you should look for new cars. This is one of the best way with the help of which you will be having few fully loaded cars instead of many partially loaded cars.
  • Second tip, that will help you in the game is to get slower on the turns. It is one of the important tip where you need to ride slowly on the turn. Fast turn can easily get you out of control and you’ll end up with losing the event. So make sure that on each turn you make use of the braking system in the ride to slow down a little bit.
  • Keep in mind that when you start your race there are lots of cars that will be participating in the race. You have to keep a strategy that you don’t follow any of those cars. In case if you follow any of whose car you will be never going to win the race. You should also follow same step of car in front of you, like if front car stops or slow down then you also need to do the same or it will happen automatically. Just create your own path and do not follow any one.
  • There will a time  in the game when you will feel the need of money. At that time you need to save it and expend it wisely on either upgradation or buying new cars.
  • One of the best and easy tip is to provide Facebook access to the game and then beat any of your friend’s best time. This is how you are going to gain R$ for free. You can use it later anywhere.
  • Last tip that will help you is that keep the automatic breaking feature off. You should do it manually in order to get experience in this game playing.

This is all about the tips and tricks about the Real racing 3 game from our App for PC blog site. Share your views about this tips and tricks and give us your valuable comments and feedback for the same. You can also share this post with your friends and co-workers who love to play the racing game but don’t know that how they can get higher score. Have a good day and have fun. Enjoy :) :)


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