Themes and Skins For Your Personal Windows (Top 10)

Are you bored with your common and boring desktop themes and skins. Want to change the look of your Windows PC by which you have bored now? If you are interested to do so then it would be very difficult to find better theme or skin pack. Many of my friends and co-workers found it difficult to find good theme and skin for Windows. In order to help you out we are going to provide here a better tool with the help of which you will be able to get it done professionally. We are going to provide here top 10 RocketDock themes & skins to download.

You must be thinking that what RocketDock is?. Well it a free software that is available for Windows OS for free and it provides you a base for the applications, so RocketDock is a application launcher. As you install RocketDock on your Windows PC, you can use any of its themes & skins to change the look of your personal Windows easily. In the other words we can say that RocketDock is a parent application that we need to support child themes & skins.

Top 10 Themes and Skins

Here we are writing down the top 10 RocketDock themes & skins, that you can use and apply after installing RocketDock main software on your personal Windows.

1. Simple Dark

First theme and skin in top 10 is Simple Dark. This particular theme is most favorite of the RocketDock users. That means when you search for the most popular RocketDock skin in the search button then you’ll find simple dark on the top of the list. This skin is very simple in look and will provide a sober look to your personal Windows. If you want to download you can visit this link.

2. Mac OS X Leopard Skin

Second option that you have is Mac OS X Leopard Skin. If you wish to change the look of your Windows, then you need to download this particular theme. This theme and skin will completely change the look of your Windows PC and you will feel like that you are using a Mac. You will hardly find any differences in this skin from the actual Mac look.

3. The Line

This is another simple and sober theme and skin just like first one. You can download this theme for free and use it as default RocketDock skin for your personal Window. This Line theme and skin is available in four different colors red, blue, green and light blue.

4. Tron Light

Do you love science and technology, then here is a theme that can match your thinking. This Tron Light theme provides you a look of a sci-fi machine. Here the wallpaper and icon are designed in such a way that you feel that you’re living in future where science has further developed . Know that how you can install it.

5. Smoked Glass Set X3

Next theme that you have in our list is Smoked Glass Set X3. This RocketDock theme and skin will give a feeling that you are looking your desktop from a glass. Elements of your desktop will look like you’re looking them through a glass of different colors and shades. There are three set of skin , one for the RocketDock, one for the KKmenu, and one for the Vista Rainbar.

6. Republic of Gamers

This is one of our personal favorite theme and skin for our personal Windows. With the help of this theme you will get the feeling of gaming. This skin is very simple and sober, if you are gamer then you will not wait to download this theme. To know more just it click the link.

7. Vector

Next theme and skin from RocketDock is Vector theme. This is one of the superb theme that is developed in blue and black color shade. This skin provides a dark hollow look to any PC where it is installed. You will love this theme and skin for your personal Window.

8. AlienWare v3 skin

If you love gaming and you are a gamer, then you must be knowing about this AlienWare v3 theme and you are going to definitely try this theme out on your Windows. This theme will provide as it is look to your Windows PC as you’re using an AlienWare machine.

9. Appolon

One of the best used and most downloaded theme is Appolon. This theme will give you a gorgeous look to your Windows PC. If you love to try out then you have to follow this link and download from there and that’s too free of cost.

10. Black Destiny..

Last but not the least theme and skin in our list id Black Destiny..If you are looking for a gorgeous but dark skin for your RocketDock installed Windows PC then this particular skin is the best option for you.

This is all about the top 10 themes and skins for your personal Windows from our App for PC site. You can share your view and feedback by commenting in the comment box. You also share this post with your friends and co-workers who always look for good background for their personal Windows. Have a good day and have fun. Enjoy :) :)


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