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Tango for PC: Video Tutorial

Tango Para PC – Amigos? It appears that a lot of our friends from Spain and other Spanish speaking countries are biggest users for Tango for PC. Therefore, we dedicate this post on how to download Tango app on PC to them. In this video tutorial, we are going to download Tango App on a Windows 7 PC. The same steps can be applied for Windows 8 as we have seen previously. In fact Windows 8 is compatible with the android emulator better than Windows 7. With this tutorial we have added one more app to the list of mobile as that we brought to PC, now we have tutorial on temple run for PC, Viber for PC, WhatsApp for PCc, and finally Tango for PC. We will be posting updates regularly so join our mailing list to stay updated.

How to get Tango for PC

Watch this video tutorial on how exactly you can download Tango for PC. If you have any question about any step, or if you are not able to follow us just leave a comment with your exact problem and we will take care of it.

In order to get Tango for PC you will need to follow the same steps as we demonstrated to get Viber for PCHere are the exact steps and the links to download various software you will need during the process.

The first step is to make sure that you have all the graphics drivers you will need. A lot of our users complain about Bluestacks errors, which for the most part are due to Graphics drivers. Watch the video tutorial to see how to check for the correct drivers.

Once you have ensured that you have all the graphics drivers, you want to update your Windows in order to make sure you have the latest version of all patches and software.

Now download and install Bluestacks Android emulator, it will take some time but it is worth every second.

Search for Tango app on it. Download the app and install it

Set up the Tango for PC app as you would on your phone and there you have your Tango app working on your PC.


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