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Viber for PC On Windows 8 With Calling (Tutorial)

Our Viber for PC tutorials have been taken up nicely by you guys and as a result we have more than 100,000 views on our Youtube channel for only Viber for PC tutorial videos. A common issue that you have complained was that you are not able to get sound working in Viber for PC. There are some good workarounds for this problem including the ones suggested by fans of viber for pc. However, what we are going to introduce today is a method where Viber works on a windows 8 PC without any need for workarounds. You can straight away download Viber and use it to send free international text messages as well as to make free phone calls …

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Viber for PC – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

First of all, let me thank all the readers for sharing their thoughts with me. I am glad that a lot of you were able to download Viber for PC using my method. However, I also see a few comments where a few of you couldn’t download Viber on your PCs even though you followed all of the steps to download Viber for PC. Today, I will answer most of the common questions that have baffled you guys. First of all, I would like to tell you that I have downloaded Viber on my PC and it is working just fine without any issues. I am sure you will be able to get it too. Question: I installed Viber for …

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How to download Viber on your PC with a “tested ok” solution

Viber for PC is continuously searching for various methods for you to install Viber on your PC. You must have tried our last method on downloading Viber for PC within 5 minutes. Some of the readers complained that this method did not work for them and Viber app crashed for them. Some of the readers told us they were able to get  Viber for PC working once they installed My PC Backup software on their PC. We have found the answer to all question with this latest method to get Viber for PC. What we will suggest is that in order to get Viber for PC it is inevitable that you first download My PC Backup just in case. Now that …

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How can Viber for PC be a threat to video conferencing softwares?

Viber for PC is an app that is extremely common among individuals for making phone calls free of charge between two users of viber. In addition, users of viber may send and receive text messages from each other. Both Android devices and iPhones can use Viber. Viber is available for users of Mac as well; however, not for users of windows. All you need to do is follow a simple tutorial and you will be aware of how to make use of viber on your PC. You know Viber for Blackberry has also been launched recently. So if you have a blackberry mobile, then also don’t worry as it has been launched. Similar to ooVoo, Viber team has decided to …

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Now use Viber from your PC to make free international calls

Viber for PC is an application that can be used to make free calls between two Viber users. Viber users can also send text messages to each other for free. Viber is officially only available for iPhone and Android phones. However, a lot of people want to have Viber on their PCs which does not seem possible easily. However, we have found a way to download Viber for PC now. You will be able to download Viber for PC and then make free calls and send free text to your friends who use either Viber on their Android or iPhones or Viber for PC. You will be able to communicate with them for free without the need of buying an …

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