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Get Subway Surfers for PC – Free Download

After the successful installation of Angry birds for PC, our readers have ordered us to prepare a tutorial for Subway Surfers for PC so that they can install it and play Subway Surfers on their computers. What are what you want us to be and thus we have the tutorial ready for you. For those who have not played Subway Surfers before, here is a brief intro to the game and its history.

Subway Surfers is a game where the players keep running endlessly in and around a subway (train) track. It is co-developed by a game development company from Denmark named Kiloo, founded in 2000 by Jacob Moller who is its CEO today. Officially, Subway Surfers is only available for iOS (Apple devices), Android, and Kindle (Amazon’s products). Kiloo became big when they won the Nokia Mobile challenge and got a head start in the mobile gaming industry. They haven’t looked back till date. The other company involved in development of Subway Surfers is Sybo games. Sybo Games is also from Denmark and if you look around you will see that a lot of such large games are made by companies in Denmark. May I say Danish blood is creative?

Download Subway Surfers on PC

You can now follow our tutorial and get Subway Surfers downloaded on your PC. The steps are almost the same for both PC and Mac operating systems. We will mention the little difference in the post as we reach the extra step. You would want to pay close attention as these same steps can also get you other Android apps such as WeChat for PC, Instagram for PC, and Whatsapp for PC, as well as the Android games for PC such as Fruit Ninja for PC, Talking tom for PC

  1. The next step is to download the emulator software on your PC so that you can fool your PC into thinking that it is an Android smartphone. You can download the software from here. This is similar to what we have been doing for apps such as Viber for PC.
  2. Once you have the Bluestacks app installed on your PC, just click on search button for PC. Skip the next 3 steps and jump to step 7 for Mac.
  3. Enter “Subway Surfers” and let it search.
  4. Click on the first link that appears. Bluestacks will now search for Subway Surfers on various app stores.
  5. Click on any of the search results and it will install Subway surfer on the Bluestacks. Please remember that this is a large app and hence might take some time based on your Internet connection. It is about 25 MB in size.
  6. For Mac OSX you can download the apk file for the Subway Surfers. The official website does not offer the apk so you will have to rely on unofficial links which we will not put here. We recommend you to double check before you download. Sometimes these sites have bad apks that can harm your emulator. If you are still unable to find one, let us know and we will help you. You are welcome.
  7. Go back to the main page and you will see the Subway Surfers app in the list of installed apps.
  8. Just click on the app and instantly start playing your favorite game. Remember that you should discipline yourself on how much time you spent on such games.


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