Subway Surfer Cheats – Tips and Tricks

Subway surfer is one the best Android game that is been downloaded for many time a day. Players and users are still downloading it, and instead of decreasing the downloading number it is increasing day by day. We have discussed in our previous post about Subway surfer. Not only this we have also guided you that how you can download the Subway surfer game to your personal computer. Here we are going to give you some information about the Subway surfer cheats (tips, tricks and unlimited coins).

Know More About Subway Surfer Cheats – Tips and Tricks

As PC games, users are also searching for Subway surfer cheats (Tips, Tricks, Unlimited Coins) for Android phones. So we are going to explain you how you can. There are many users who know that any Android game can be made easier if the cheats are applied and used properly. Still there are many people who don’t know much about it and search for Subway surfers cheat, but they get fail in their search criteria. Don’t worry will help you out from this. You are suppose to follow the below mentioned and explained tips and tricks.

  • In the game you all users are provided Hoverboards, you can also buy it from the store by paying your coins. When you buy this Hoverboards, you will get the power of it, that means if a situation comes like you are about to die in the game by striking into an obstacle then just double tap on the screen and you will be on Hoverboard for 30 seconds. During this period if you strike with any obstacle in the game you will not die at least. That means now you don’t need to waste the keys to save your life.
  • Second trick is, go to the menu and upgrade the time limit of each power ups by paying the coin. Time limit is set for 30 seconds, but you can increase your time limit easily.
  • One of the easiest and important trick is that, stay on the train as long as much you can. This will decrease your chance of death, and you will also face less obstacle in your path.
  • Next trick is to complete all your daily challenges and missions to increase your score booster.

These were some of the tips and tricks that can be used by you to increase your score on the score board. You will also be able to beat your friend score and be first.

Unlimited Coins for Android

Subway surfer is the game in which your main target is to gain as many coins as you can. Every player of Subway surfer wants to earn the highest coins from their friends and partners.  If you get unlimited coins via Subway surfer cheat then the game will be much easier to play. You just have to follow the below mentioned steps to get unlimited coins in Subway surfer.

  1. First and initial step is to download package by clicking this link and let this package get install on your PC.
  2. After that you are suppose to extract this file on your Desktop.
  3. Next you are suppose to connect your device with USB cable and copy that folder into this location the provided “SDCard/Android/data/”.
  4. In next step, file copy tool will ask you to replace the data and you need to click on “Yes” button.
  5. Now restart the game and you’ll find unlimited coins there.

Now you can enjoy the game with the help of the tips, tricks and unlimited coin into your game. Share us your views and thoughts about our post of Subway Surfer Cheats – Tips and Tricks. Have a great day ahead, thanks for visiting :)


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