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Ruzzle for PC Free Download

Ruzzle is one of the top Free Android games on Google Play store. Ruzzle is created by Mag Interactive, a Stickholm based company. Ruzzle is their most popular Android app, also available for iDevices, which was launched by them not long ago in March 2012. Ruzzle is the new name of this game, as it was previously called Rumble. However, Ruzzle is only a mobile phone game and hence there is no version of Ruzzle for PC. However, this is what we do at App for PCs by enabling you to get Android apps on PCs. There are some people selling Ruzzle for PC but we suggest you not to spend your money on it as you will be able to download Ruzzle for PC for free without spending a single dime. You will still be able to play with your friends and challenge them to play with you.

How to Download Ruzzle for PC for Free

The process of getting Ruzzle on PC is similar to getting temple run for PC or even Fruit Ninja for PC that we discussed a short time ago. If you have followed the steps to get any of the above apps you will be able to skip the first few parts but otherwise you need to follow all of the steps given below. We have tested these steps to get Android apps such as Tango for PC, Viber for PC, or WhatsApp for PC. These instructions have also been used to download Android games in our blog posts on Cut the Rope for PC, Temple run for PC, Angry Birds for PC, Subway Surfers for PC, Fruit Ninja for PC or the addictive Candy Crush Saga for PC. We are sure we could get any game from Android stores using these same instructions. If you run into issues, we are just a blog comment away.

Watch the following video tutorial to get Ruzzle on PC.

Here is a transcript of this video.

  1. The first step is to download Android emulator.
  2. After this, install the emulator and then run it. It will take some time to load the first time but once it has loaded it will work just fine. The speed will be usable at the very least.
  3. Now, once you need to open the twitter app and click on sign up. The signup page will have two outgoing links. Click on one of them and open it in browser.
  4. In the browser visit this link and download the Ruzzle apk.
  5. Install Ruzzle on your PC by double clicking on the downloaded file.
  6. Install and set it up. You will be able to challenge your friends to play Ruzzle with you.

You can also invite us by sending a challenge request to appforpcs :) and hopefully we will get to play with you. We are not the best to challenge though as we suck at Ruzzle.



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    After doing all the steps, I ended up with the same error on my PC.

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    got the same problem on PC, please post another video to fix the problem.. haha

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    Io voglio bene alle mie migliori amiche:) Sono per me specialii

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    Great. Hope it works

  6. Jacques Raad

    Great. Hope it works. Very good game

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