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Love to share and talk with your friends, family and loved ones also love to know about your friends. But can’t share due to per message charges and schemes. Here comes Mxit, an instant messaging application that can be downloaded for free on any Android and Smartphone phone. You can download on ONE click from Google Play store and iTunes. For the one who don’t have smartphone don’t worry you can also enjoy the app on your PC. Just follow the below mentioned step to get it on your PC.

Know More About Mxit

Mxit, a South African based company that created mobile social network. Company has 7.4 million monthly active users and out of that 6.5 million are from South Africa itselfMxit helps you to connect to millions of users to chat, share and play. This app allows you to download and share photographs and video, you can view galleries and meet new people, not only chatting it make you enjoy and win prizes with their multi-player and single-player games. With the help of Mxit you can directly connect with your friends and relatives from your own PC and share your feelings and emotions for free.

Unbeatable Features of Mxit

There are various features of Mxit instant messaging app for which it is most loved and used by the users. Just have a quick look over the features of Mxit.

  1. Chat: Just enjoy the instant chatting app with your friends and relative for free.
  2. Doodle: Draw the image with the help of Doodlechat feature you want and share it with your friends on chat box. Quickly and easily record and send audio voice clips and messages in chat.
  3. Offline Message: You can receive your messages when you are offline.
  4. Group Chat: Not only single but you can chat with your multiple friends and invite them for chatting.
  5. Personalize: Personalize your status by single, engage or married and let your friends know about your current status. Create multiple profiles and switch between them easily.
  6. Games: Get access to sport, news, weather, entertainment, advice, education and learning tools and more. Follow your favorite brands and celebrities. You can also enjoy the game for single and multiple player.
  7. New People: With the help of Mxit you can meet and find new friend. Public chat zones are moderated to optimise the user experience.

Download Mxit For PC

Hello Guys now you can enjoy Mxit instant messaging app for PC. If you want to have Mxit for PC you have to follow the below mentioned steps. But before doing the following procedure we request you to have a back up of all your files and documents. This is done because their would be a chance that when you download Mxit for PC, your files and documents may get lost. Also remember that you should use good and well known backup software to backup your stuff. So, not taking much of your time lets start explaining the process of downloading Mxit for PC. The process is fairly similar to the Line app for PC

  1. First and initial step is to get Bluestack Android Emulator to your personal computer. This would help you to make fool the app store that you are downloading Mxit for PC.
  2. You can download Bluestack directly form this link.
  3. Let Bluestack install and wait for a while. Downloading process time will be depending on your Internet connection speed.
  4. Search for Mxit on the app store. And select the one that you want on your PC.
  5. Wait and relax until Mxit get download on your PC .
  6. Finally you will see Mxit for PC. So start enjoying messaging from your PC to friends.

How did you lick our post about Mxit app for PC. Give us your valuable comments and feedback for the same. If you wish you can also guide us for other techniques and methods you have to download Mxit for PC other than Bluestacks. Have fun and enjoy the app for free. Good Day :)


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