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ModiFace Photo Editor For Android and iOS – Download For Free

There are many people in the world who love to do some editing or anything with their or other photos. They always search for good application that can be download for Android and iOS mobile phone, with the help of which they can edit the photos. To lesser your burden we have come up with a application name ModiFace Photo Editor, that is considered as one of the best app to edit the picture. Today we are here to explain and share with you that how you can download ModiFace Photo Editor for Android and iOS. Before moving to the process will see that what ModiFace Photo Editor is all about and what are the features of ModiFace Photo Editor.

Know Everything About ModiFace Photo Editor

ModiFace Camera is a photo editor that automatically recognize face in a photo for you to modify it. If you want to edit the picture, first of all you need to choose a photo, it can be choose directly from the app or from Facebook. With this app you can adjust the picture with brightness and contrast before hitting the shot. Picture you are capturing, has more then 1 person, then faces of all of them will be highlighted. For modifications it is possible to touch the brightness, contrast, nose, eyes (except for dark circles) and to leave the face slimmer or apply a facelift. However these last options are not free. As your complete with the editing you can share your photo with your friends and relatives on social networking sites.

Features of ModiFace Photo Editor

There are basically 4 feature that you can enjoy in this app. That are Basic, Facial and beauty, Advance and Others.

  1. Basics: With this basic feature you can edit your picture by brightness and contrast adjustments, by sharpening and blurring and by image cropping
  2. Facial and Beauty: This feature helps you to make changes like blemish removal, color contact try-ons, makeup/costemic try-ons, teeth whitening, enlarge eyes, brighten eyes, nose and jaw contour enhancements and smoothen skin
  3. Advanced: With this feature you can make instant change like looks, face slimming visualization, body slimming visualization, warping, image filters, frames and text.
  4. Others: In last feature you can download and upload images from Facebook, you can apply facial effects and most important you can compare your picture by before and after.

Download ModiFace Photo Editor For Android

Process of downloading ModiFace Photo Editor for Android is very simple and easy, you are only suppose to click on the below mentioned link to ModiFace Photo Editor for Android. No more searching, no more confusion and no more options. Just click below and download best photo editing app on your Android phone.

ModiFace Photo Editor For Android

Install ModiFace Photo Editor For iOS

If you don’t have Android phone and want to download on iOS phone, not an issue, we have a solution for that also. Just click on the below mentioned click and download ModiFace Photo Editor for iOS. Don’t waste your time and energy in thinking from where we would have taken the link.

Install ModiFace For iOS

This is all about the post of process that how you can download ModiFace Photo Editor for Android and iOS from our App for PC site. You can share this picture with your friends and relatives who love to edit their pictures and share it on social networking site. Give us your valuable comments and feedback for the same. Have a good day and have fun :) :)

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