Mobile Number Locator For PC

Frustrated of getting call from unknown number and enable to find who’z number is that. Don’t worry Mobile Number Locator is here for you people to find out the location of the number from which you have got the call. It is basically an Android application and can be downloaded for free. But today in our post will explain you about how you can get Mobile Number Locator for PC. This application not only helps you get number finder but also you can find the city and country code. Mobile Number Locator for PC is an online telephone directory that contains the complete database of mobile number codes & STD codes.

Features of Mobile Number Locator

Below mentioned are the feature of Mobile Number Locator, due to which it has been more liked and used by the users.

  1. You can find any state location from India, USA and Canada.
  2. One of the good feature is that, it can work without Internet connection also.
  3. At the time of incoming call and out going calls, you will be able to see caller information like operator name, State name and operator icon.
  4. If you wan to disable the caller information you can do that just by pressing the Off button in setting page.
  5. It enables you to view the call logs like operator name, state name, date, call duration..etc.
  6. Mobile Number Locator helps you to search STD code all over the world.
  7. Not only STD codes, you can also search for city codes and country codes.

Mobile Number Locator For PC

Here I am going to explain you how you can get this Mobile Number Locator for PC. The process of downloading this app is just same as the process of getting Health app for PC explained by us in our previous post. Before going to the process, we request you to have a back up of all your files and documents, with the help of good and well known backup software. We let you do so because their may be a chance that at the time of downloading process, you files and professional documents may get lost. Let us move on to the process step by step.

  1. First and initial step towards the process is getting Android Emulator to your PC. You can download it form Here. It been done so that you can make fool to the app store that you are not getting Number Locator for PC but you are downloading it for your Mobile.
  2. Until you get the Emulator installed into your PC, mean while take rest and relax.
  3. Next step is to search for Mobile Number Locator in the app store from various and different app, you have to choose the one that you want in to your PC.
  4. Click and install the Mobile Number Locator for PC. Downloading process will be depending upon the Internet speed you have in your home.
  5. Finally you will see that Mobile Number Locator is installed into your PC. Start using it and enjoy the app, by knowing the STD code, country code or city code. Also enjoy the app by knowing from where did you get the unknown number call.

How did you like our post on App for PCs for Mobile Number Locator for PC, let us know by giving your valuable comments and feedback for the same. You can also guide us by telling or sharing with us, methods other than our’s if you have for downloading Mobile Number Locator for PC. Thank You and Enjoy the Mobile Number Locator app for PC.


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