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Microsoft Launches Office Remote

Every business in today era uses Microsoft office very frequently. Living in such a high speed life it is much necessary for all of you to use and be comfortable with Microsoft office. Today in every business meeting taken in the company, word, excel or power point presentations are projected on a wall or screen. So, it will be difficult to move through a documents on a personal computer during a presentation.

Microsoft Launches Office Remote

Microsoft Launches Office Remote with a new collaboration between its Office and Research team that has resulted in an Office Remote (a new app that lets users control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations) made for Windows Phone 8. Microsoft remote app enabled you to “interact with” Microsoft Office 2013 and 365 documents on your PC and laptop, this app is particularly designed for you during presentations.

Microsoft remote app is a joint effort between Microsoft research and the Office team. Darren Edge (Lead Researcher) of Microsoft research said that they want to make sure that they can still continue to create tools that can deliver the best possible experiences for presenters and audiences.

Microsoft office remote, the word itself says that, you can use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from across the room of you home. This app is very useful at the time when you are making some presentation or you are discussing on any scenario at the of a meeting or if you are in the boardroom.

All you need to use this Microsoft Remote App

  • You will need a Window phone 8, in which Microsoft has been already installed.
  • You will also need a Bluetooth installed in it.
  • Finally when you are done with all setup, just open the Office document you want to project, pick up your phone, and start the working remotely.

What Office Remote let’s you do in Microsoft

  • Power point: It gives you large and easy accessible buttons on the phone that enable you to start a presentation smoothly, there are advance slides forward or backward, you can easily view thumbnails and jump to a particular slide, remote control allows you to access speaker cues while viewing the presentation time and the progress of slides, and deliver accurate, non-shaky direction with the on-screen laser pointer.
  • Excel: There are simple gestures that enable you to jump not just between spreadsheets and graphs, but also among any named objects. You can easily change Spreadsheets with a mere finger swipe, and navigation is available through rows or columns. In addition, you can use PivotTables or filters and change zoom levels, all with an Office Remote-equipped phone.
  • Word: Zoom feature control is available in this Microsoft remote application, as well, Word docs can be scrolled by screen or by line easily.

So what are your view about Microsoft Launches Office Remote. Give us your valuable suggestions and feedback for the same. Start installing and using it, and share us your practical experience. Have a nice day ahead and enjoy with this remote app. Thank you :) :)

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