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Line App for PC with Windows and Mac

Line for PC has followed suit of Viber for PC and Mac by launching Line for desktop platforms as well including not only the popular Windows 7 and Mac OS but Windows 8 as well. While we have been advocating use of emulators to get various apps such as WeChat for PC and Instagram for PC, Line makes it a no-fuss process to have it working on your computer. You can simply visit their site and download the app on your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop. Since Line for laptop is now available it has given those who do not have a supported smartphone can also stay in close contact with their friends using Line app for instant messaging.

Line for PC critique

I started just like a novice user would, and went on to download Line for computer from their website. I although am a master of downloading android apps on PC, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I did not have to do much other than simply clicking a few buttons. I installed the app on my Android phone as well to compare the two versions. Here is what I found

  1. The environment does not change much. I was able to figure out my way around Line app for PC as well as Android easily.
  2. The user interface has the same terminology, which as a user testing advocate I highly approve of.
  3. The integration between a phone and PC is seamless. It is like I am using a responsive app which does not have a level of data extraction between the two phases.
  4. I was able to login to both devices at the same time 3 out of 5 times. The two times when I started using Line for laptop, line for android kicked me out with no shame. I hate when this happens. This is the same case when you use our tutorial to download WhatsApp for PC as well. I wish they ask you to register your devices and then you could use the messaging switching between those devices whenever you want. Similar to what Skype does for its desktop and mobile apps.
  5. I tried sending text as well as voice messages and I was not disappointed. I experimented with a fast connection, a somewhat slow connection, and a slow connection. Well, my slow connection is 3 Mbps on my phone using 3G. However, the voice message did not show any lag. The VoIP call quality is similar to what you will see in a state-of-the-art VoIP app such as Rebtel.
  6. Video messaging takes a small hit on Line for android which appears to be due to the slow 3G connection.
line for pc on fast connection
The upload speed was over 2 Mbps, both video and audio messages smooth.
line for pc on slow connection
The upload speed was less than 1 Mbps but video messages were not slowed.

Download Line for PC

If you have made up your mind to download Line on computer, I will help you get it in two quick steps. Well, may be a little extra but nothing too high-tech that you need a PhD in computer science to get it :P

1. Go to their website http://line.naver.jp/en/# and click on the Download button.

List of platforms for Line app
Line app is available for most mobile platforms as well as for desktops and laptops

2. Select your operating system/platform of your choice by clicking on it. The download will start immediately. Install the file and you will see it on your desktop. Register for Line app and enjoy.

If you have used Line app, we would like to know from you what do you think about Line and especially Line for PC. If you are a Mac user, we would like you to review it for us as well.

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  1. thanks for sharing the steps to download for PC. I was searching through Google and found your blog..

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