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Install iMadeFace For PC Now

Have you get bored with the same pattern of incoming call picture and common emotion picture. Here comes iMadeFace app that has been developed for the people who love to make funny face and do some editing with the picture. We are here to guide you that how you can download or install iMadeFace Android app for PC, because this application is only available for Smartphone, iPod, iPad and iPhone. You can download iMadeFace app from Google Play store or iTunes for phone, but to get iMadeFace for PC you have to follow below mentioned process step by step.

What is iMadeFace

This is very simple application that helps you to make face that is very similar to your own face. On the top header of the app, there are different options from Face Shape, Eyes, Hair, and Mouth, you can swipe horizontally to choose one from there. You can also swipe vertically to change the color of the part you are manipulating. iMadeFace allows you to add accessories like glasses, cap and add slogan at the bottom of the picture. After finishing the editing of the picture you can share the picture to the social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Email or you can save the image in your photo album.


Features of iMadeFace

  • Numerous facial components are available in the game.
  • You can also add special ornaments to facial expression.
  • It allows you to generate iMadeFace ID from face artwork and secret message.
  • You can scan ID from camera or camera roll.
  • Share your QR code on Facebook and twitter.
  • You can share the picture to Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo etc just by one press to share face artwork or iID.
  • One press save to camera roll in JPEG or editable format in the build-in gallery.
  • Gesture and shake device are given to you to control.
  • iMadeFace has built-in funny face artwork games for time killing.

Install iMadeFace for PC

Now we are here to the topic of how to install iMadeFace for PC. Before moving to the process, its necessary for you to have a backup of all your files and documents, so that at the time of downloading your important files and documents don’t get lost or destroyed. Process of downloading iMadeFace app is same as the process of getting Marvel Hero for PC.

  1. First step in the process is to install Android emulator from the official site. Leave, it will take time for you to search, just click on this link and get emulator install to your PC.
  2. This emulator is downloaded so that you can make fool to the app store, that you are not installing it for PC, but you are doing it for your personal mobile.
  3. In the next step you have to search for iMadeFace game from the app store and from the options available there.
  4. Click and install the game you want on your PC. Remember that downloading will totally depend upon the Internet speed you get from your net provider.
  5. In last you will see that iMadeFace for PC has been successfully installed into your PC. Now you can make funny face and do wonderful editing of the image as you want.

What do you think about the iMadeFace app for PC. Give us your valuable comments and feedback for the same by commenting on the comment box. You can also share your ideas to install iMadeFace for PC other than Bluestacks.

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