Flappy Bird For PC With Windows 7/8 – Download For Free

Today we have come up with a all new game Flappy Bird for PC. One thing that we need to share with you is that, this Flappy Bird game is currently not available to download from the official Google Play store and the iTunes app store, but don’t worry you can still play this game for free. Yes you have heard right, now you can official play Flappy Bird game on your PC or computer. Today we are going to share with you that how you can download Flappy bird for PC. Before we move on to the process will first see that what is this game all about and how you can play this game online. This Flappy Bird game is developed by Dong Nguyen, and this game was very successful on both iTunes app store and the Google Play store.

All You Should Know About Flappy Bird Game

Initially this game was available for free and it was launched during the summer of 2013 and it became popular during the December month of 2013. As per the official status of this Android game, we can say that it had helped the developer to make $50,000 every day by the ad revenue and still the developer took down this awesome app. Gameplay of Flappy Bird is very simple and easy, but still it became very addictive. Your main goal in this game is to control a bird named Flappy Bird who is trying to fly away as far as you can manage. There are endless pipes through which you need to manage the Flappy Bird bypass successfully. Each pipe you passed out means a single score. There was no lag in the performance of the game and it run through well even on low end smartphones.

How You Can Play Flappy Bird Online

If you want to play this game online, you can play the HTML version of the game online on your PC. You can find this game here to play online. From this link you can play the very similar looking game to the Flappy Birds and we are sure you will definitely going to love this method.

Download Flappy Bird For PC

Now since the game is deleted and the developer is in no mood to put it back, we are going to provide you the process that how you can play Flappy Bird for PC. What you have to do first before downloading Flappy Bird for PC is, you have to backup all your files and documents. You should use a good backup software to backup all your personal, professional files and documents. We insists you to do so because their may be a possibility that at the time of downloading Flappy Bird for PC, your existing files may get lost and destroy. Downloading process is just same as we have used in our previous post of Cut the Rope for PC.

  1. First of all you have to download Android Emulator for your PC. And you can download it from here. This emulator is been downloaded as you can make fool to the app store, that you are not downloading Flappy Bird for PC.
  2. As Bluestacks get install, mean time relax and take rest.
  3. After that when Bluestacks get install to your PC, search and select Flappy Bird from the app store.
  4. Select and let it get install to your personal computer.
  5. At last you will see that Flappy Bird for PC has been downloaded. Now you start playing the game on your personal computer. Invite your friend to beat your scores.

What do you think about our post on Flappy Bird for PC. Give your valuable comments and feedback for the same. You can also suggest us by commenting, if you any other method to download Flappy Bird for PC. Have a good day and have fun :) :) Enjoy


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