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How-to Download Facetime on Windows

If you are an Apple user and using Apple mobile handset or any other Android phone like iPhone, iPad and iPod, then it is necessary that you should know about Facetime application. This application is preloaded in iPhone, iPad and also in Mac. Many users like you and me wishes to you Facetime app  on our personal computer. Today we are to explain you in detail that how you can download Facetime app on PC. This application is used to make free video and voice calls to any one all over the world. The app is very simple, easy, sober and elegant in design and works like charm. Before moving to the process to get Facetime app on PC, will first look over the features of Facetime app due to which it is most loved and used by the users. This app can be downloaded for free from Google play store and iTunes.


Features of Facetime Application

Facetime application is totally free and available for all iOS and Mac OS X running devices. Features that we will be discussing below are also available for free. Not taking much of your time lets move on to the features;

With Facetime you can have a call with your friend, family and relative who are using this app on the same on any of their compatible gadget. This Facetime app is absolutely free to use and it won’t ask for anything from you to use any of its features.

One of the best feature that i personally like is its simplicity and the quality it offers to make call. User interface of this app is very simple and comprise of elegant color combination which clearly makes great difference from any other app.

This is a software that is mainly used to make free voice and video calls. There are various other messaging app like WhatsApp, Line, Kik Messenger app for sending messages to your friends and relatives. But it should be clear that Facetime is meant only for calling purpose.

With the help of this app you can use front camera of the device to record video of any person sitting in front and then sends that video being recorded live to the server which will be in later delivered continuously to the other user or end.

As this app is only used to make voice or video call, it makes a difference and increases the number of users using it. This particular feature makes it possible for the users to find maximum of their friends easily on the Facetime.

Facetime uses either the Wi-Fi or the 3G or 4G data pack of your device to make these free voice and video calls. The quality of the video being recorded and send along with the voice is of high definition (HD) quality.


Download Facetime App On PC

Process of downloading Facetime app on PC is very simple and easy. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps to have smooth and easy installation on PC. Not taking much of your time let’s move on to the process in detail.

  1. First step is to get Android emulator in your PC. And get it install from here.
  2. This is done so that you can make fool to app store, that you are not downloading Facetime app on PC but you are doing for mobiles.
  3. Until Emulator gets download, take rest and relax.
  4. As it gets complete, search for the Facetime app on PC from the app that you want to download.
  5. Click and select the Facetime app on PC, and let it get install.
  6. Finally you will see that Facetime app on PC. Start enjoying the app by calling your friend and family.

This is for the day. Give us your valuable comments and feedback for the same that how you like our Facetime app on PC tutorial. Have a good day and have fun.


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  1. Roger Dayton

    Are you sure about this? I’m aware that you can run most Android apps over a an Android emulator/player like Bluestacks or Nox but there is not a version of Apple’s Facetime for Android or Windows. Plus most people will have difficulty getting an Android emulator to run on their PC’s unless they really know what they are doing.



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