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Comparing Evernote, SpringPad and OneNote

There are three useful tools for today’s people like Evernote, SpringPad and OneNote. With the help of these three productive tools they can clip web pages for reference for later, they can take notes and sync them across entire devices, and they can also store everything they want to remember for after some time in one convenient place. It is very difficult for many people to choose that which tool to use as their primary note from available three note tool. After using all this three tool on desktop, mobile,  and webapps for years, we have came here with all its explanation, pros and cons. With the help of this post you can easily compare Evernote, SpringPad and OneNote and choose which you think is good and best for you.

Compare Evernote, SpringPad and OneNote

Today living in world of technology, people have to store and manage too much information and data with themselves. So these kinds of tools are very much useful and necessary for all. Evernote, SpringPad and OneNote are similar in their purpose, but they are different in their useful features, so let’s take a look over the comparison of Evernote, SpringPad and Onenote.

Evernote: Your Digital Filing Cabinet

Evernote is basically a service or software that is designed for note making. Here note means the piece of formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” note. In this Evernote tool you can store notes in sorted folders, you can tag, annotat, edit, comment, search and export as part of a notebook. With the help of Evernote you can not only clip web pages for saving later, but you can also make notes with your phone’s camera, scan pages into Evernote and even take audio notes.


  • Evernote is the one that constantly evolve themselves in improving and third-party developers of this tool are constantly adding apps for its interface so that users like you and me get lots more functionality than other note-taking apps gives you. With the help of IFTTT you can send any Gmail message that you label as “Evernote” directly to any particular Evernote notebook.
  • This note shines on Android phones, because you can have quick capturing of photo, voice, or text note.
  • It supports multi-platform that means it can work on every desktop and mobile device.


  • Some of the features are paid with $45 per year.
  • And as the company has been streamlining and improving its user interface, the UI is still a bit clunky. 

OneNote: A Digital Notebook for Note-Taking


This is second topic in comparing Evernote, SpringPad and Onenote. This OneNote is basically a under rated program of Microsoft, that is also formerly called Microsoft Office OneNote. This tool is a computer program that is used for information gathering and multi-user collaboration. With the help of this tool you can gather notes whether it is handwritten or typed, it can store drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. Notes saved in this tool can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network.


  • OneNote tool has awesome user interface.
  • You can quickly search images, text, and handwritten text.
  • This tool helps you to sync via SkyDrive to the webapp for easy access on any device.
  • It has flexible layout that helps you to put images, audio, files anywhere on the page.
  • Tight Integration with other Office programs (e.g., add a task in OneNote that links to outlook).


  • It only free for webapp, mobile apps, and Windows 8. You need to buy Office for Windows to get full functionality.
  • No desktop app for Mac.
  • No Android widgets and you need to log into Onenote on mobile to use it.

SpringPad: For Smart and Easy Organizing


From all three tools SpringPad is the most pleasant on user eyes. SpringPad is a free online tool and web service that allows you to save, organize, and share collected ideas and information. You can also say that it a personal organizer and information capturing service. This tool is designed to help you remember your content and documents.


  • This tool is completely free in all features as compared to other apps.
  • SpringPad has beautiful user interface.
  • It will allow you a dead-simple sharing and ease of use.
  • You get great lists and reminders features built in.


  • No standalone desktop app; you need to be online.
  • Harder to find most frequently used notes.
  • Beautiful UI takes up more screen real estate than necessary.

How did you like our Evernote, SpringPad and Onenote comparison from our App for PC site. Give us your valuable comments on the same by commenting in the comment box. You can share this post with the people who are confused in choosing one tool from Evernote, SpringPad and Onenote. Have a good day and have fun.


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