DroID3Tragger for PC To Manage Your Music

Hey friends, Droid3Tagger for PC is here, in case you were worried about the bunch of music collection you have in your mobile, no tags, no file information or random file location of music. Just relax and take a deep breath, here comes all new Android application DroID3Tagger that will lower all your worries and tension of organizing music properly. We know that you always love to have your songs in proper file name and folder, so that you won’t find any difficulty searching songs at the time when you want to listen to them. DroID3Tagger is not new as it uses same application/technique that has been used by Shazam (tutorial coming soon) and Soundhound. This version of application uses Acoustic fingerprinting that automatically identifies and pulls song information to your mobile from Web server.

Features of DroID3Tagger

  1. It search for all your songs, artists, and albums information and save it to ID3 tags.
  2. It helps you to rename your file in proper file name and folder.
  3. DroID3Tagger save your songs, albums, and artists along with their information received from the web.
  4. It helps you to take rest and relax, as it make you assured that the app will find a match for the song.
DroID3Tagger – AutoTag

Install DroID3Tagger and Manage Your MP3

DroID3Tagger – AutoRename

Just install DroID3Tagger and allow the application to tag your songs and albums. All you have to do is, select Mp3 audio file from your mobile phone and hit Auto Tag or Auto rename. Now you can see that files are waiting in queue to get tagged or renamed. Just have a look that files are now getting tagged and renamed one by one, until all your MP3 files are covered. You have to be sure that your net connection is fast and steady, otherwise it will take a long time to get tag and rename. You can manually replace your artist art just by tapping and holding on the file to edit details.

You can also tag the information of the Album and Alum art with the help of DroID3Tagger. So now you can easily manage you MP3 songs, albums and artist. Now get what you want whenever you want. You can also have DroID3Tagger application to your personal computers by following the below mentioned steps.

Download DroID3Tragger for PC with Windows

DroID3Tagger – AutoRename1

If you want to download DroID3Tagger to your personal computers you have to follow below described steps. We request you to follow downloading process step by step, don’t jump directly to the install step, else it might lead you to some issues. The process is same for other android apps, such as Viber, WhatsApp or Angry birds.
Nothing goes wrong to your PC, so we request you to have backup of all your files and documents with any well known backup software.

  1. Next step is to download Android Emulator from their website.
  2. Let Emulator get installed, mean while just relax.
  3. Next what you have do is search for DroID3Tragger from Bluestacks.
  4. Finally Install it and get it download.
  5. See that DroID3Tragger has been installed in your personal computer.
DroID3Tagger – AutoTag

Now you can relax and sit without any worry, as now its DroID3Tragger work to do all your dirty work and get your songs, albums and artist in systematic manner. Let us know how do you like our tutorial on Droid3Tagger for PC and let us know if you have any other Android app you want to run on PC.


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