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Download Zenonia 5 for PC for Free

Dave asked us to write a tutorial on how to get Zenonia 5 for PC and we are here with it today. Zenonia 5 is an extraordinary game that is played throughout the world. It is a role-playing game full of action. Zenonia is developed and created by Gamevil. It was first released in South Korea on August 28, 2007 for mobile and later on May 24, 2009 for Apple app store. Afterwards on March 27, 2010, it was released for Google Play Store as well. Zenonia 5 is the fifth installment of the series, we will be downloading Zenonia 5 for PC as you do not need to check out previous versions. Previously this app was available only for smartphones such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone etc. But our team put in a lot of efforts and made it possible to download and play it on your PC. Now we would like to familiarize you with the game.

Zenonia 5 Game Play

There are a number of characters in the game such as Regret, Wizards, and Fairy etc. The main character in the game is Regret. He is known as the hero of the game. Due to selfishness of man, there is corruption and unrest in the world. Then hero comes ahead and destroys corruption and evil and restores peace. This is the main act of the hero of the game. He goes near the villagers and talks to them. The story changes during the game, depending on the situation and the talk between the protagonist and the villagers. The game is quite interesting. I am sure you will become fond of this game after you play it for a couple of times. You can download the game easily by following a few simple steps written below:-

How to download ZENONIA 5 for PC

Same steps have been followed to download Zenonia 5 as we saw in case of Candy Crush Saga for PC, Cut the Rope for PC and Subway Surfers for PC etc. If you have remembered those steps as listed in our previous tutorials, then you will be able to skip a few steps and download it easily. You can also follow 5 simple steps to download this game for free. The steps are mentioned below


  1. First of all download and install the Bluestacks app so that you can befool Zenonia 5 App to think that it is a smartphone and not a PC. You can download it from here.
  2. After downloading Bluestacks app, you can search for your desired game i.e. Zenonia 5 in the app store. For this, you are required to type Zenonia 5 in the search icon and press the Enter key.
  3.  Searching for this app will result in various app stores. Now you can see a number of apps, do not get confused with so many choices. You can select the best one that you like the most.
  4. Now click on your selected app and it will start downloading this app. After downloading, installation will follow quickly.
  5. Once downloading has finished, you can see Zenonia 5 on your computer screen and you can play it as much as you want.

Thanks for coming to our website. Here, we would like to remind you again that if you are running into any issue you can leave a comment in the comment box. We     always check your comments and try to answer them promptly. Thank you all. Please give us feedback and tell us how do you like our tutorial on downloading Zenonia 5 for PC.

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