How to Download Viber For Mac Using Almost The Same Method As Viber For PC

Our tutorial on how to Download Viber for PC has been getting some good love from you guys and hence we decided that it was time to expand the tutorial series to Viber for Mac. In this tutorial we download and install Viber app on Mac from scratch. We will start with nothing but a browser such as Safari on our Mac and we stop at working copy of Viber on our Mac. Even though you are installing it on a different operating system than Windows, you do not have to learn anything new in terms of operating Viber as we will be installing it on an Android emulator which means the platform will be similar to Viber for Android phones which I believe is not too difficult.

Viber for Mac – Video tutorial with step by step transcript

We have created a video tutorial for step by step instructions. Please note that this video was created a day before we moved from to and hence the tutorial talks about You don’t have to worry as our new website has all the content and it automatically redirects viberforpc users to right places. Since we have moved to a new domain name, all our pages have lost the social love you guys showed. So please like us as much as possible to show that you care [plusone]

We have realized that videos convey the message far too easily compared with any other method. Sure, pictures and picture-based tutorials are good but it is a nightmare if we have to put 100s of pictures in a post. Moreover, the post will be so long you will get bored half way through it. Written tutorials are good but if you cannot follow one step there is no visual help to guide you. Therefore, here is the much awaited tutorial for Viber for Mac.

Usable Transcript of the Video tutorial

Instead of typing everything that I said in the above mentioned video, I am going to only give you the steps that are required to download Viber for Mac. It is an easy process if you follow the steps in order. In fact you will find it easier than downloading Viber for Windows PC, which we have talked about in previous posts.

  • First step is to download Bluestacks app player for Mac operating system. You can grab it from here.

  • It will take you some time to install Bluestacks on your Mac. But, once you have installed it it is a breeze. You will see a new icon in your dock that says Android Apps.

  • Click on Twitter app inside the folder and it will take some time for the app player to load. Once it has loaded, click on Sign Up button to signup for a new twitter account.

  • On the sign up screen there will be two links there. Click on any of them and open them in a browser inside the android emulator.

  • This is the most important step. type and scroll to the bottom of the page to see a download link for Viber App. Click on the link to download Viber APK on your android emulator.

  • Install the Viber app by double clicking on the downloaded file. The process after this is pretty straight forward. You need to give a phone number and Viber will send you a code. You enter this code in your Viber app’s enter code screen and it will set up.

Feel free to let us know if you are having any issues with this tutorial.


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  1. Razul Inaam


    It works. I am talking to other Viber friends from my Mac :)

    Thanks guys.

    1. admin

      Dear Razul,

      Good to know that it works for you. Thank you for leaving your feedback.

    2. Fred

      Where is the link promised at the bottom of the page?

      download link for Viber App. Click on the link to download Viber APK on your android emulator.

    3. virginia S. Guevara

      hello Razul! I had downloaded the bluestack android Apps as thats what the instruction said. But I cant see the viber icon only the Androids Apps I can see. what do i do next?

  2. mazz

    can u please update the version for viber to call from mac.

    1. admin

      Dear Mazz,

      Yes it is on top of my to-do list. Keep an eye on the blog and subscribe to the mailing list to get updates in your inbox.

      1. RAE

        Dear Mazz, i can’t see where can i upgrade viber.

        Help me please.

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  4. Viber

    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team!
    Thank you for your tutorial about Viber for Mac :)

    Viber is indeed not compatible with PC/Mac yet but we hope to release our official version very soon.. .Please stay tuned!

    Please feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions and comments, we’d be happy to assist.

    1. admin

      Dear Viber Team,

      I am afraid pople are losing faith in you. You guys start commenting that you are about to launch the version soon but it takes almost 2-3 years before you actually launch it. You did the same thing with Blackberry version and now you are doing the same thing with viber for PC/Mac. Before you start frustrating your users and they move to a different app, please learn how to stick to your promises. Seriously.

      1. Viber

        Thank you for your feedback.

        In our company, we prefer being transparent and informative with our users, and letting them know that we are indeed working on a project. We don’t believe it took us 3 years before we launched a project, as we barely exist for 2 years..

        We have noted your comment, and we might moderate the information that we give out to users, but it is still very important for us to let our fans know that we ARE indeed working on these projects.

        Best regards,
        the Viber Team.

        1. admin

          Dear Viber Team,

          We appreciate that you are transparent and informative. The complaint is about the accuracy of the promises. When you say we will launch it soon does that mean a day, a week, a month, a year?

          If you recall it has been over 4-5 months since you posted the first tease in a screenshot showing Viber for windows OS. This picture from August 2012 may seem relevant

          If you have a version why take 4-5 months to launch it? If not why to raise hopes by posting a screenshot?

          1. Viber

            We apologize for the delay in our response.

            As we said, we might have rushed the screenshot a little bit. It was released when we first started working on the project, and yes – this project is a complex one, containing many technological obstacles, and this needs a long time to complete.

            No doubt – we have learnt our lesson when it comes to giving “teasers” to our fans, and we will simply keep our users informed once we have concrete news about the release of this version.

    2. bjorn

      why do i need to install this damn app on my phone before i can use it on my Mac????? Not an option for me … BJ

  5. Sandra

    I can receive messages but my contacts says they’re not on Viber :( How to fix thiss help.

    1. Viber

      Just add them by providing their number. Once you have sent them a message, it will know that they are on Viber :)

      1. Sandra

        It’s already working it just crashed thanks for the assistance!

  6. Sandra

    I received their messages but I can’t send back one though. -_-

  7. Sandra

    Oh never mind it’s already working. It just crashed :) Thanks for the assistance!

    1. Viber

      My Pleasure.

  8. eltaberyAC

    work fine but i can heer good but the other side can not heer me
    i used mac air

    1. admin

      Dear eltaberyAC,

      It seems you haven’t installed oovoo. Try uninstaling everything, install oovoo, and then reinstall everything. It should work fine.

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  10. toyon


    I got as far as the viberforpc.viber.apk download and I can see an icon that looks like a download in bluestacks but it didn’t open. is this compatible with osx 10.8.2?

    thanks for your help on what to do next if there is anything that can be done.

    1. ist1

      The same issue here… How to open it?

      1. Seona

        I’m having the same issue. Has anyone found a solution?

  11. Ben


    I installed viber on my mac, but when I call the number x, it says x has a newer version of Viber, to place this call please upgrade Viber to the latest version.

    Thanks for your effort :)

    1. admin

      Hi Ben,

      If you try uninstalling and reinstalling? The link on our website has the newest version of viber. Hope that helps.

  12. Johnny

    I see you cannot use it on your iPhone and Mac at the same time… or the other!!!!

  13. Sarah

    This is absolutely RUBBISH. Spent ages downoading all this useless space hogging crap only to find NO links as promised. Located Viber under apps in Bluestacks but on trying to install it said it didn’t exist anywhere. TERRIBLE, USELESS instructions and I am quite technical. Not impressed.

  14. Alex

    Hi Viberforpc,

    I try to install viber in Mac based on your video instruction, but I could´t find the android apps folder after I have installed the bluestacks. It is been two days since I have tried this, but I don´t know why I don´t have the android apps folder. Please help?????

    1. Muke

      Ummm….that is unlikely. Check your Aplications folder (Go->Applications) and see if bluestacks is listed in there.

    2. Aidin

      same here!

  15. Cristina

    hi, the download link for ooVoo is broken. will it get fixed soon? :) thanks!

  16. Seona


    Thanks for this tutorial. I seem to be having difficulty downloading the viber.apk in the bluestack broswer. I found the link and it said starting to download but then nothing happened. I can see a little download file symbol on the top left hand corner but i cannot click on the symbol in order to access the downloaded file. I’m not sure I have explained myself very clearly but can you help in any way?


    1. Blend

      the same problem with me ! did you fix it ?

  17. Aidin

    Hello there, thx for your solution but my blue stack app player seems to have a lil bit of a problem with launching, after i installed it , there was no android app folder on my dock, and when i launched the blue stack from my apps, it sutck on loading page, i tried reinstalling blue stack but no luck so far..

  18. may

    i have downloaded ooVoo and the bluestacks app, however, when i tried launching the downoaded apps it said that it cannot run in my current mac version. im using mac os x 10.5. any help? please thank you

  19. Alex

    Same problem with me, no android app folder on my dock, and when i launched the blue stack from my apps, it sutck on loading page, i tried reinstalling blue stack but no luck so far..any possible solution…it is been a month…

  20. zul

    can i use this for macbook? i intslled oovoo and bluestacks, but it shows during a call poor coverage, im having a speed wifi connection,
    and the otherthing is will it display incoming calls while bluestacks quit?

  21. Christopher

    I have the same problem that Seona (above) has.

  22. TAAN


  23. arunima

    i am not able to download my viber on mac it get downloaded in notepad and doesnot open.what should i do.?

  24. adane

    how can i downlode this .please
    tel me

  25. elome

    I downloaded it on my mac that was easy thank u, but I didn’t get any SMS or call with the access code even though i tried many times!!!
    what shall i do?

  26. Archontia

    Hey I need some help! I have viber on my phone for a while,it works excellent but I tried to put it on my macbook and it says an activation code will come to my phone..but nothing happened.why is that?

    1. Muke

      Hi Archontia,

      Try the calling option. The SMS functionality rarely works. Let me know if you can’t get it to work.

  27. Deepak Vishnu

    Superb application for mac and can you find the way for importing contact list

  28. Deepak Vishnu

    superb application for mac and can u find the way for importing contacts from lap top

  29. michael

    viper is good for communicates our family for the verry fast situation

  30. Andrea

    Hello, I have downloaded it, but when I make calls I hear a constant buzzing sound. Do you know if I can fix that?

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