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WhatsApp for PC with Windows XP Vista or 7

whatsapp for pc

A long time ago we posted a tutorial on how to download WhatsApp for PC but it was not a success because we were lazy and did not accompany it with a video tutorial. Moreover, the details were missing to actually get it working. Thus, we have decided to do a better tutorial with step by step video tutorial on how to download Whatsapp for Windows as well as Mac working. Whatsapp is a cross platform text messaging app for smartphones. It is an amazing app by WhatsApp Inc. and it is so famous that about 1 Billion messages are transferred over it every day (read more here). There are about 7 Billion people on this earth, which means almost …

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Viber for PC tutorial also gets you WhatsApp for PC software by simple instructions

Now that you have installed Viber on your Windows PC or your Mac computers, you should be thinking about what more can you do by applying the skills you have acquired while downloading Viber for your PC. Guess What? I was recently talking to a friend and he asked me if there was a way to use WhatsApp Messenger for PC. My first response was that I have never tried installing the WhatsApp for PC but then I started thinking about it. I tried following the steps that I posted in the tutorial to get Viber for PC. Lo and Behold – in about 10 minutes I was able to use WhatsApp on PC. Yes, you can apply the same …

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