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Viber for Pc

Now use Viber from your PC to make free international calls

Viber for PC is an application that can be used to make free calls between two Viber users. Viber users can also send text messages to each other for free. Viber is officially only available for iPhone and Android phones. However, a lot of people want to have Viber on their PCs which does not seem possible easily. However, we have found a way to download Viber for PC now. You will be able to download Viber for PC and then make free calls and send free text to your friends who use either Viber on their Android or iPhones or Viber for PC. You will be able to communicate with them for free without the need of buying an …

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How to download Java on your PC

Viber for PC is now possible without much ado. As you must have read in our post on how to get Viber for PC, one of the steps is to install Java on your PC. Java is a free program that can be downloaded from Oracle’s website for Java. Since, Viber for PC needs the Android emulator, which needs Java, you need to install Java on your PC to get Viber working on your PC in order to make free calls and send free text messages. It is also required for all other apps such as WhatsApp for PC and downloading WeChat for PC, as well as for Android games such as Fruit Ninja for PC and temple run for …

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