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Ruzzle for PC Free Download


Ruzzle is one of the top Free Android games on Google Play store. Ruzzle is created by Mag Interactive, a Stickholm based company. Ruzzle is their most popular Android app, also available for iDevices, which was launched by them not long ago in March 2012. Ruzzle is the new name of this game, as it was previously called Rumble. However, Ruzzle is only a mobile phone game and hence there is no version of Ruzzle for PC. However, this is what we do at App for PCs by enabling you to get Android apps on PCs. There are some people selling Ruzzle for PC but we suggest you not to spend your money on it as you will be able to …

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Viber for PC Gets Phone Calls for Windows 7

Viber for PC app is now able to make and receive phone calls from other Viber users. In our last tutorial we showed you how do you get Viber for a Windows 8 machine. In that video we showed you that Viber for PC is capable of making free phone calls. While this was a good thing, it is even better to tell that Viber now is able to make phone calls from Windows 7 PCs too. You no longer need to upgrade to a Windows 8 PC for that. What is needed for the Viber for PC setup 1. You will also need the latest version of Bluestacks to be downloaded from their website. 2. Finally, you need to …

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Viber for PC On Windows 8 With Calling (Tutorial)

Our Viber for PC tutorials have been taken up nicely by you guys and as a result we have more than 100,000 views on our Youtube channel for only Viber for PC tutorial videos. A common issue that you have complained was that you are not able to get sound working in Viber for PC. There are some good workarounds for this problem including the ones suggested by fans of viber for pc. However, what we are going to introduce today is a method where Viber works on a windows 8 PC without any need for workarounds. You can straight away download Viber and use it to send free international text messages as well as to make free phone calls …

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How to Download Viber For Mac Using Almost The Same Method As Viber For PC

Our tutorial on how to Download Viber for PC has been getting some good love from you guys and hence we decided that it was time to expand the tutorial series to Viber for Mac. In this tutorial we download and install Viber app on Mac from scratch. We will start with nothing but a browser such as Safari on our Mac and we stop at working copy of Viber on our Mac. Even though you are installing it on a different operating system than Windows, you do not have to learn anything new in terms of operating Viber as we will be installing it on an Android emulator which means the platform will be similar to Viber for Android …

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Viber for PC tutorial also gets you WhatsApp for PC software by simple instructions

Now that you have installed Viber on your Windows PC or your Mac computers, you should be thinking about what more can you do by applying the skills you have acquired while downloading Viber for your PC. Guess What? I was recently talking to a friend and he asked me if there was a way to use WhatsApp Messenger for PC. My first response was that I have never tried installing the WhatsApp for PC but then I started thinking about it. I tried following the steps that I posted in the tutorial to get Viber for PC. Lo and Behold – in about 10 minutes I was able to use WhatsApp on PC. Yes, you can apply the same …

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