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Android Apps For PCs

DroID3Tragger for PC To Manage Your Music

Hey friends, Droid3Tagger for PC is here, in case you were worried about the bunch of music collection you have in your mobile, no tags, no file information or random file location of music. Just relax and take a deep breath, here comes all new Android application DroID3Tagger that will lower all your worries and tension of organizing music properly. We know that you always love to have your songs in proper file name and folder, so that you won’t find any difficulty searching songs at the time when you want to listen to them. DroID3Tagger is not new as it uses same application/technique that has been used by Shazam (tutorial coming soon) and Soundhound. This version of application uses Acoustic fingerprinting that automatically identifies and …

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Line App for PC with Windows and Mac

Line for PC has followed suit of Viber for PC and Mac by launching Line for desktop platforms as well including not only the popular Windows 7 and Mac OS but Windows 8 as well. While we have been advocating use of emulators to get various apps such as WeChat for PC and Instagram for PC, Line makes it a no-fuss process to have it working on your computer. You can simply visit their site and download the app on your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop. Since Line for laptop is now available it has given those who do not have a supported smartphone can also stay in close contact with their friends using Line app for instant messaging. …

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WeChat for PC Download for Windows 7/8/XP

Wechat is now available for PC, you can simply read our method and get it running on your machine in no time. For those of our readers who do not know what is WeChat, we would like to talk a little about the application first and then move on to the method to download WeChat for PC. WeChat is an app similar to WhatsApp in many ways, it is gaining popularity in the Asia Pacific region, thanks to its marketing and cool features. WhatsApp for PC tutorial gave us the idea to bring this tutorial on getting WeChat for laptops. About WeChat App for free messaging WeChat is a text and voice messaging app developed by Tencent in China. WeChat …

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Get Subway Surfers for PC – Free Download

After the successful installation of Angry birds for PC, our readers have ordered us to prepare a tutorial for Subway Surfers for PC so that they can install it and play Subway Surfers on their computers. What are what you want us to be and thus we have the tutorial ready for you. For those who have not played Subway Surfers before, here is a brief intro to the game and its history. Subway Surfers is a game where the players keep running endlessly in and around a subway (train) track. It is co-developed by a game development company from Denmark named Kiloo, founded in 2000 by Jacob Moller who is its CEO today. Officially, Subway Surfers is only available …

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Instagram for PC


There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of Instagram today. It is a revolutionary social networking service that allows its users to share pictures. Instead of just being facebook for pictures, they added these cool effects that you can instantly add to your pictures to make them look prettier. Well, there is a funny quote I read the other day which says Advancement of technology has enabled us to create apps such as Instagram, which can take pictures that look like they were taken using old technology. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are the creators of this brilliant app which was launched in October of 2010. The app never looked back and its popularity grew like anything – within a …

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