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Android Apps For PCs

Download Google Chrome For PC Offline

Everyone know that Google Chrome is one of the best search engine browser. Google Chrome is considered as one of the best and used search engine as compared to other search browser available for all of us in the market. This search engine is an Android application that can be downloaded for free for Android phone and smartphone. You can download it from Google play store and iTunes. There are so many people who are not able to buy expensive smartphone and Android phone, and there are people who have computer, but they don’t have Internet connections. For both kind of users we are here, for the one who don’t have smartphone and one who don’t have Internet. Today we …

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Hill Climb Racing For PC

Hill Climb Racing is a Android game for iPhone, iPad and smartphones. It is basically a combination distance and physics and it is puzzle game. Hill Climb Racing Game is one of the most addictive and entertaining driving game ever and now Hill Climb Racing for Pc is here now. In this you are suppose to drive your car as far as possible while keeping your car far from flipping over and saving the driver. Hill Climb Racing gives you a car upgrades that are paid by the coins you collect during each play through in the game. Upgrade vehicles are like Jeep: Your first vehicle is small, slow and not very reliable. Motorcross Bike: The only two-wheeler this app has to offer. Monster truck and Race car: The app’s racing car, …

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Download And Enjoy Mxit On Your PC Now

Love to share and talk with your friends, family and loved ones also love to know about your friends. But can’t share due to per message charges and schemes. Here comes Mxit, an instant messaging application that can be downloaded for free on any Android and Smartphone phone. You can download on ONE click from Google Play store and iTunes. For the one who don’t have smartphone don’t worry you can also enjoy the app on your PC. Just follow the below mentioned step to get it on your PC. Know More About Mxit Mxit, a South African based company that created mobile social network. Company has 7.4 million monthly active users and out of that 6.5 million are from …

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Download Temple Run Oz For Windows

Temple Run Oz an Android game, that is so popular and thousand of players has downloaded this game for free. Game is been designed and published by Disney and Imagine Studios for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTune and Smartphone, but today we are here to explain you that how you can get Temple Run Oz for Windows for free. There are some people who don’t know what is Temple Run, so for those we will first understand gameplay of Temple Run, features of Temple Run and at last how to download Temple Run Oz for Windows. GamePlay Of Temple Run Oz Most thrilling running experience from Temple Run has came with a yellow brick road in Temple Run Oz. In this game you have to play …

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Mobile Number Locator For PC

Frustrated of getting call from unknown number and enable to find who’z number is that. Don’t worry Mobile Number Locator is here for you people to find out the location of the number from which you have got the call. It is basically an Android application and can be downloaded for free. But today in our post will explain you about how you can get Mobile Number Locator for PC. This application not only helps you get number finder but also you can find the city and country code. Mobile Number Locator for PC is an online telephone directory that contains the complete database of mobile number codes & STD codes. Features of Mobile Number Locator Below mentioned are the feature of …

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