How To Block Someone’s Number on Viber

Today we are living in the world of technology with globalization and liberalization. This drastic change has improved our living life style and way of connecting people. This technological change had offered us one of the best new platform for communicating with our friends and family relatives. Viber an Android application has allowed us to make and receive phone calls from other Viber users with the help of Internet. Other than this, it is good to say that Viber is able to make phone calls from Windows 7 PC too. Now you don’t have to upgrade to a Windows to make a call. Viber application is the one that helps you to call, send messages, send photos and chat with the one you love and care on Viber. As this is Android app, but still you can get Viber for Mac for free. This app can be downloaded for free from Google play store and iTunes. Here will explain you that how you can block the one you don’t want to talk and chat.

Reason for Blocking

You use Viber for various things like to call, send messages, make video call and to chat. While doing so there may be a chance that unknown person may contact you and get add in your Viber account. If you don’t want to talk with that person and want to block that guy, don’t we are here today to explain you how you can block someone’s number on Viber. There is no such option provided yet in the Viber app to block someone’s number. You cannot block someone’s number on Viber either in iPhone nor in Android, but still will explain you that how you can block someone’s number on Viber, that you don’t want on your Viber account.

How to Block Someone’s Number On Viber

As I have mentioned above that there is no such option provided yet in the Viber app to block someone’s number, the reason for this is that, developers says that “it imports contacts from your contact app of your smartphone or from the address book”. People who are using Viber will automatically will be found as an active user in the particular person’s contact list. So that no other person who is not in your contact list will not send you messages nor they can call you.

But recent many users from Viber has complained that they are receiving unknown call from Viber. This issue is still in consideration with the Viber developers and users are still waiting for the option to block someone’s number on Viber. Hey friends don’t wait for anything, because we are here to explain you that how you can block someone’s number on Viber. There is still a way to block that we are explaining here. So not taking much of your time, we know you are waiting eagerly for this. One thing that you can do is just delete the contact person number you don’t want to have from the main contact app of your Android and smartphone.

This is all about that how you can block someone’s number on Viber and person from your Viber contact list from our App for PC site. Whata are your views and feedback for the same. Share your personal experience while doing blocking in your Viber, you can also share this post with your friends who are fedup with the unknown calls and messages. Have a good day and have fun for the day. Enjoy :) :)


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  1. maria

    Can i ask a question? If i delete someone form my phone contacts, i understand that he wil not be able to contact me through viber…But will he be able to see me on viber as a contact?

    1. Mike

      Yes, they will still see you.

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