Apps To Make Your PC Run Faster

Remember the days when your PC worked so fast, it was when it was first installed. After it get used daily for a year, its speed gets down after a period of time. This kind of common problem can be solved with the help of Tuneup utilities, and which Tuneup app is best used is discussed in our today’s post. Some of the app’s are free and some are paid. The lowest scoring of these PC tune up utilities will leave your PC in better condition than you have ever found it. By installing this app you can for sure run your PC more faster.

How To Make Your PC Run Faster

There are various utility app which can help you to speed up your PC and make it new. Without much waiting let us start discussing about the app’s to run PC faster.

1. 360Amigo System Speedup

360Amigo system speedup is a utility app which helps you to make your PC run fast. This app is basically designed to fix your problems and issue more faster and easier to increase the life of your the PC for years. Now you don’t need to buy a new computer for speed up, just think smart and install 360Amigo System Speedup. You can buy or download it at the price of $19.95 for a year. You can directly Download it from their website.

2. Norton Utilities

Norton is basically a utility software which is designed to help analyze, configure, optimize and maintain a computer. Current version of Norton is Norton 16 which was released on 26 October 2012 for Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Norton has the very good features of left sidebar that lets you check out the optimize, monitor, Windows tools, and administer sections. You can download this utility app from the company website itself at a cost of $49.99 for three(3) licences.

3. Diskeeper 2011 Professional

Diskeeper is a PC app that is designed by Microsoft windows operating system, they help us to reduce our file system fragmentation. There are various features of Diskeeper like resolving file system fragmentation, defragment files on-the-fly, Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I- FAAST), There are also various versions available like home, professional, pro premier, home server and enterprise server. This utility app will cost you $59.95 and you can download it from this Link.

4. AVG PC Tuneu

AVG PC Tuneup will help you to restores your PC to top speed, speeds up, clean up and powers up your PC, also it will longer your PC life and battery life, and will help you to make more disk space. Their is a free trail version of AVG PC Tuneup that is of 15 days. And if you want to buy it you will be cost by $29.99 for one license. Cons of AVG Tuneup is that licenses limitations and it is relatively expensive. You can directly Download it from the company website.

5. Iolo System Mechanic 10

Users usually love to use this utility app as this app fix & speed up your PC automatically, patented performance technology, fixes frustrating errors, crashes, freezes and restores maximum speed, power and stability. There are more than 50 features of Iolo System Mechanic 10, from that we are mentioning some of them like Stability Guard, NetBooster, Active Care, AcceleWrite, Total Registry Revitalizer, PC Cleanup, Energy bosster and Program Accelelatpr. You can download this app from the the Website itself and wthis will cost you $39.95.

6. Comodo System Utilities

Comodo is all-in-one system cleaner that will repair corrupt registry entries, save space by deleting duplicates, boost your PC by cleaning junk, easy to use and schedule and safely backup and restore. You can get this utility app fro FREE of cost and you can enjoy more faster speed of your PC. You can download this app by clicking the link.

7. Spamfighter Full-Diskfighter

Spamfighter Full-Diskfighter scans your entire hard disk or any targets you specify within one-click. Every time your computer is used, junk files, large files and temporary files can pile up, your computer has duplicate files that are 100% identical, caused by accidentally storing and saving twice or even multiple times. If these files are not removed, your PC performance could become much slower than it should be. You can get this utility app for your PC just FREE and you can download it from the website itself.

8. PC Tools Performance Toolkit

PC Tools Performance Toolkit is most comprehensive performance product. This utility toolkit will help you to make your computer clutter free, more responsive and most importantly, faster. It will also erase your browser and search history, while recovery tools restore your lost photos, music and other documents. Their are various feature of this toolkit like removes duplicate files to clear space, clearly displays optimizations, accelerates startup and shutdown times, restores lost music and photos, organizes files for faster access, fixes errors and cleans system clutter, includes built-in performance presets, keeps PC and online activities private and last but not the least compatible with Windows 8. You can download this from this Link at the cost of 1,169.25 INR for (1 yr subscription for up to 3 PCs).

9. SlimWare Utilities

Compatible with Windows PCs, SlimCleaner requires just an Internet connection for downloading the software. It gives you the permission to install the software on an unlimited number of systems. It is absolutely free to download and you can get it from the company site itself. Featuring free, effective, community-based problem solving, SlimCleaner is an excellent application for those who don’t want to deal with license.

If your PC is fast now, you should enjoy the speed. Download addictive games and apps and run them on your PC.


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